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OUTsurance Life Insurance

Get the backing of a leading insurance brand by taking out life insurance with OUTsurance Life. Consumers can now expect great benefits with all OUTsurance Life products. Your life insurance premium is determined around unique, specific risk factors.

This means that if you’re a low-risk client, you could, in all probability, pay significantly less for life insurance. OUTsurance has been servicing South African consumers for the past 20 years offering fast, efficient claims settlements and cost-effective insurance products.


  • Death Cover – Comprehensive death cover Beneficiaries of the insured will be paid out the insured amount on the death of the policyholder.
  • FuneralA flexible funeral plan to suit your needs, taking certain factors into consideration such as income and individual circumstances. Should you fall on hard times, there is a Pause and Play option which will pause your premium for three months. You won’t have to serve a new waiting period should you resume payment before the three-month period expires.

Some of the benefits offered by OUTsurance funeral plans:

    • Transport
    • Tombstone
    • Catering
    • After tears cover
    • Disability CoverDisability Cover has been created to provide you with comprehensive cover should you become ill or are injured resulting in total and permanent disability and you are unable to continue working in the same capacity as before.
  • Critical Illness Cover OUTsurance comprehensive Critical illness insurance provides you with cover for up to 40 different illnesses.
  • OUTthere – This innovative on-demand life cover is for people on the go; ideal cover for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers or for once off insurance cover for whatever reason:
  • You can select the amount of cover you want
  • Insurance cover tailored to your unique needs
  • No monthly premiums
  • Cover on-the-go as you need it and when you need it
  • Select your own cover anything from R100 000 to R1 million
  • Get cover right away on the OUTsurance user-friendly app


  • Life OUTbonusselected premiums are paid back in cash after 15 claim-free years. The insurance cover will continue as per usual thereafter
  • Free medical tests – For those that need to undergo a medical to get approval for the above products, these are covered by OUTsurance
  • Medical nurse – For clients that are unable to get to a lab for whatever reason, a medical nurse will come to you free of charge
  • Flexible payment optionspayments can be structured to suit your individual needs
  • Guaranteed Life insurance premiums are guaranteed for five years
  • Cashback Get all your premiums back in cash after 15 years for not claiming
  • Premium holiday For every 12 months of premiums paid, you qualify for a bank holiday
  • Terminal illness benefitFor individuals that are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and who been medically advised that they have less than 12 months to live, 50% of the amount will be paid out (a maximum limit of R1 million applies)
  • Competitive premiums based on your risk profile

What makes OUTsurance life different

  • Flexible premium structures
  • OUTsurance Life is committed to providing you with awesome service

OUTsurance Life has taken the complication out of guessing what cover amount will best suit your needs with a user-friendly life insurance calculator. The calculator will provide you with an estimate of how much death or disability cover you will require to maintain your lifestyle and that of your loved ones if you were to become disabled or to pass on.

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