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Medical Cover


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Get Savvi

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No joining fees. Covers you, your spouse and children. Get covered in under 10 minutes!

GetSavvi Medical

GetSavvi is affordable health insurance for South Africans at every stage of life. Their easy application and approval process means you (and your family) can get covered quickly and with minimal hassle. GetSavvi also offer a range of coverage options to suit your budget from a basic hospital plan, day-to-day cover or a combination of both.

The GetSavvi claims process is simple. If you have a medical aid plan with GetSavvi, you can present your medical aid card to your doctor, or you can claim from the GetSavvi website, over the phone, or with your mobile phone application.

What can I cover with GetSavvi Health Insurance?

GetSavvi health insurance offers three plans that have been created to provide cover for the medical needs of a variety of people. The GetSavvi Get Care Plan offers hospital cover only, the GetSavvi Primary Care Plan is created for day-to-day benefits outside of a hospital, and the GetSavvi Primary Care Plan+ gives you both of the above.

The GetSavvi Get Care Hospital Plan

The GetSavvi Get Care Plan will save you from the stress of high hospital costs in the event of emergencies or hospitalisation of one of the insured. This low-cost plan offers medical cover for in-hospital costs of up to R120,000. It also includes Netcare 911 services, accidental death and funeral cover.

The GetSavvi Primary Care Medical Aid Plan

This plan covers day-to-day medical costs and does not include in-hospital benefits. The GetSavvi Primary Care plan covers things like doctors and dentists, X-rays, HIV and STI tests, acute and chronic medication and maternity, as well as additional services like Netcare 911, trauma counselling and a family funeral plan.

The GetSavvi Primary Care Plan+ Medical Aid Option

This is GetSavvi’s most comprehensive plan and covers in-hospital as well as day-to-day benefits. On this plan, your day-to-day doctor and dentist costs are covered (along with a host of other specific costs relating to maternity, trauma counselling, X-rays etc), and in-hospital costs are covered for up to R120,000.

Ensure the health and well-being of your loved ones with these smart medical solutions.

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