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Medical Cover


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GetSavvi Medical

GetSavvi Medical aid charges you nothing to join and offers cover for your spouse and children too. This no-nonsense option is so easy you will get cover in just 10 minutes. If your application includes no dependents, you can get cover for even less.

  • Get Care Plan
  • Primary Plan
  • Primary Plan+

GetSavvi Get Care Plan

  • GetSavvi Get Care Plan offers hospital cover only
  • Premiums are R250 a month per family or single member
  • Get hospital cover for up to R120,000
  • Netcare 911 services are included
  • Accidental death cover and funeral cover is included
  • This plan excludes Top-Up
  • Get unlimited dentistry
  • Optometry is covered (for a single beneficiary)

GetSavvi Get Care Plan Benefits

  • Emergency Casualty Benefit for outpatient hospital treatment for injuries from accidents (limited to R6,350 per insured person per annum)
  • Emergency Stabilisation Benefit for inpatient hospital treatment for emergency stabilisation of the patient in either a public or private hospital emergency unit (limited to R18,500 per insured person per annum)
  • Personal Accident Benefit for inpatient hospital treatment. This will include all associated services at private facilities for injuries sustained during an accident (limited to R120,000 per insured person per annum)

GetSavvi Primary Care Plan

  • GetSavvi Primary Care Plan is for day-to-day cover only
  • Premiums are R560 per family
  • Single members pay R340
  • Doctors and dentist visits are covered
  • Funeral and accidental death cover is included
  • Netcare 911 services are included
  • Unlimited dentistry is included
  • Optometry is available for a single beneficiary

GetSavvi Primary Care Plan Benefits

  • Basic and emergency dentistry
  • Unlimited doctors’ visits
  • X-rays (black and white)
  • Maternity benefits
  • Acute medication
  • Chronic medication
  • Blood tests (HIV and STI)

GetSavvi Primary Care Plan+

  • The GetSavvi Primary Care Plan+ combines hospital and day-to-day cover into one offering (hospital cover up to R120,000 per annum)
  • Premiums are R750 per family
  • For single members premiums cost R460
  • Doctors and dentists’ visits are covered
  • Unlimited dentistry is included
  • Optometry is available for a single beneficiary
  • Funeral and accidental cover is included

Benefits for All GetSavvi Plans

  • Counselling and/or treatment for members that have been accidentally exposed to HIV
  • Counselling available for members who have suffered trauma or are victims of assault
  • Members receive antiretroviral medication and STI medication cover where necessary
  • The Customer Service Hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year and manned by professionally trained medical staff

GetSavvi Health Medical Insurance products are white-labeled and can be customised for unions, associations, and corporate employee groups. Benefits are tailored to suit your individual circumstances and needs, and prices are negotiable.

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