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Medical Cover

Choose Medical Insurance, Medical Aid, Hospital Cover, Day to Day or Combo Plans that suits you

How to Get Better Health Insurance

“South Africans can now access affordable healthcare solutions without compromising on the quality of care.”

You can choose a policy from a company that is endorsed by insurance giant Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited and a registered financial services provider. Good insurance providers offer a host of medical insurance solutions for all your health cover needs. They also aim to make private healthcare more accessible and affordable to everyday South Africans without sacrificing the quality of healthcare even in challenging times.

What Does Health Insurance Do?

It offers affordable health insurance solutions that are accessible and high quality to South African individuals and families. For companies and individuals in need of insurance, you can get health insurance quotes for free to all South Africans. Health insurance options range from entry-level to comprehensive plans that cover many everyday medical needs and a list of major medical events.

What Can I Cover with Health Insurance?

Medical insurance solutions pay out a total insured amount when an insured event occurs, such as an accident or emergency hospitalisation, for example. Getting a solution that suits your needs and budget is easy. The plans on offer from various insurance companies can include day-to-day plans and major plans. With health insurance, you can start your journey towards better healthcare and get cover for accidents. You can also get access to private healthcare services, depending on the plan you choose.

Entry-Level Option Health Insurance

An entry level plan usually offers the insured high-quality healthcare at competitive prices. From GP visits to minor medical procedures, basic pathology, and basic radiology, you can get cover for the basics on these types of plans. It can also include a maternity benefit and telephonic services such as counselling or legal assistance. Insured people who sign up for an entry-level option can often also benefit from other added benefits.

Mid-Level Option Health Insurance

This type of plan is ideal for those who want a customisable health insurance plan to suite their budget and needs. Mid-level plans often give you access to unlimited GP visits within the provider’s network. They can also cover minor procedures, acute medication, basic pathology, basic radiology, basic optometry, basic and emergency dentistry, maternity benefits, flu vaccinations, and more. Most of these plans also come with added benefits.

Comprehensive Option Health Insurance

You can enjoy the benefit of structuring your plan to suit your health needs along with excellent cover at affordable prices with a comprehensive health insurance plan. Along with cover for all the items in lower-level plans, comprehensive options can also give you an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) benefit, workman’s compensation and road accident fund claims cover, limited specialist visits, and many benefits are unlimited where they may not be on the other plans. This type of plan can also sometimes cover chronic conditions or specialised medical providers.

Added Benefits

The added benefits you can enjoy depend on the insurance provider. Some allow you to get scores for health markers like a healthy heart score. Based on the score you get through your activities and more, you can then get free airtime and data! Other plans may include emergency medical cover, 24/7 help lines, tax assistance, and more.

Tax-Related Added Benefits

This type of benefit can give policyholders a full breakdown of qualifying medical expenses to help them claim back these costs from tax. Any taxpayers who have a policy will enjoy this type of benefit, as it includes the cost of submitting your tax return. To enjoy this benefit, insurers usually require that members must be up to date on their monthly premium payments.

Discount-Related Added Benefits

This type of added benefit can give policyholders rewards from a range of retailers and partners. Members enjoy discounts and cashbacks from stores with which the insurer has partnered. It’s important to note that benefits and cover will differ depending on the provider you choose.

That’s why it is important to compare offers by getting free quotes for health insurance with us! You can start by simply filling in the form, and our system will match you with ideal health cover providers who will call you with a free quote.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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