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Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance offers cover for consumers from all walks of life, although the Prime Meridian Thrift Plan is not a comprehensive Insurance plan; this might not be sufficient cover for those that prefer to have fully comprehensive car insurance.

Those South African motorists that think they don’t have the need for car insurance should think carefully about what the repercussions could be like should they be involved in a car accident, are hijacked or if their vehicle is stolen.

With an excess of 6.5 million cars on our roads and almost one million car accidents every year (that means that there are at least 4 000 accidents every single day of any working week) it therefore becomes a necessity to have the kind of car insurance that will give you peace of mind.

With statistics such as these, car insurance has become far more than a grudge purchase – instead it is an obligation for everyone who drives a car.

If you do own and drive a motor vehicle you owe it not only to yourself and your family to be insured, but you owe it to all other drivers that frequent our roads.

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance offers consumers the Prime Meridian Thrift Plan:

  • This cover is excellent for complete loss through accidental write off of your vehicle.
  • Both fire and natural disasters will be covered.
  • Cover for theft and hijacking will be insured by Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance.
  • Third Party Liability Protection of up to R500 000 will be paid out.
  • Furthermore – there is no time-wasting pre-inspection of cars before being covered.
  • If you are a young driver struggling to get car insurance, Prime Meridian Thrift Plan will cover drivers from 19 years old.
  • Don’t for one minute think that if your car it is too old to insure – Prime Meridian Direct Insurance insures vehicles up to fifteen years old!

Nice to know is that your premium will never increase and even better is that you won’t have to pay an excess.

You will also enjoy…..

  • Optional benefits which includes the Accident Contribution Benefit which offers growing cover for minor accidents.
  • There is a 24 hour Nationwide Roadside Assistance.
  • You get reimbursed for hiring a car, as well as towing and storage.
  • Your windscreen will be replaced, too.

What some of

our clients say

  • We found the perfect cover through with next to no work required on our behalf - various insurance quotes came directly to us!

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