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Life Cover, Life Insurance, Life Policies… You name it. Life insurance has got so many different terminologies that not even we can keep up. The bottom line is, with so many insurance companies and brokers offering you the best life insurance you can get, it’s no wonder that the closing rate on life insurance quotes is so low.

When taking out life insurance you need to provide comprehensive details not only about your lifestyle, but also about your health and your medical history as well as that of your very closest relatives.

The main reasons for rejected claims are usually nondisclosure which accounts for 61, 9 % of all claims not being paid out, whereas suicide accounts for 24, 1% and fraud for 4, 6%.

Here are the five most commonly asked questions regardingLife Insurance:

  • Is there one policy for everyone? There is never a “one size fits all” type of life insurance. Beware of these offerings advertised by financial institutions that present comprehensive products for everyone that costs the same for almost everybody. A policy needs to be structured according to your individual needs and requirements to determine your premiums. It is important for you to examine the conditions, exclusions and future increases in the premiums.
  • Do I already have life cover? If you work for a group or large company, chances are you already have life insurance cover through your employer. But note that this is usually quite limited; therefore it might be best to ensure you have one of your own, too. The expertise of a financial adviser will help you work out how much you need.
  • What dangerous sports or activities need to be disclosed? Sports such as paragliding, motor racing, parachuting, diving amongst others are all dangerous sports that need to be disclosed to your insurance broker. You are compelled by law to divulge any risks that are associated with your work – for example if you are a pilot, a miner or you work with weapons.
  • How does suicide affect my insurance policy? There is a two-year exclusion period on all life insurance policies to prevent people from taking out insurance once they have decided to end their lives.
  • What is underwriting and what does it do? Underwriting is an in-depth evaluation of your lifestyle as well as your medical history so that the insurer is able to assess your risk profile and offer you life cover so that they can work out what your premiums are going to be.

If you disclose your medical history honestly a claim will be paid out to your loved ones without delay when you die.

With our quote form, we’ll get you more than 10 insurance brokers and insurance companies to call you with the best life insurance deals out there. Why is this so great you ask? WELL, that means you can choose. You can choose a life insurance policy that best suits your needs and meets your requirements in terms of monthly repayments.

So don’t waste time. With you life insurance quotes are free, and we only give you the best of the best that South Africa has to offer.

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  • I can sleep soundly now, knowing that my family will be taken care of when I'm not around anymore. Life insurance is non-negotiable and I'm grateful to for helping me to find the best deal for me.
    Paula Adams
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