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PSG | Look No Further than PSG Insurance for All Those Financial Needs

If you are keen to keep all your financial and insurance products under one roof, PSG Insurance offers you a full menu of financial services that will present a one-stop shopping experience tailored to your individual and business needs as well as investments and financial matters that require professional supervision and advice.

PSG Insurance will be able to cater to all your short-term insurance wishes as well as your long-term cover, healthcare, financial planning services, investment advice, commercial short-term insurance products, stockbroking, institutional portfolio management, estate and trust services, multi management, commercial short-term insurance, employee benefits, wealth platforms amongst others.

PSG will also help you to become an adviser:

Because PSG is fully aware of the important role that advisers play in offering personal services as well as creating strong relationships with their valuable client base – there is a complete adviser support service available where you will share in the ownership of your earnings but at the same time will enjoy full access to a whole range of financial and insurance products where everyone wins.

Making use of PSG Wealth:

  • PSG offers an all-inclusive wealth management service to meet the needs of businesses, family as well as individuals.
  • PSG has the ability to trade in securities and shares in addition to investing in unit trusts.
  • On offer is a comprehensive estate planning as well as a fiduciary service offering both offshore along with local trusts.
  • PSG proposes a service that will take care of the administration of deceased estates.
  • On offer is a full service for employee benefits over and above other multi-managed investment solutions.

PSG Asset Management:

Because PSG Asset Management is a reputable investment management company with a long track record, it makes sense to use the fully comprehensive range of local and international funds available to both businesses and individuals.

Choosing PSG Insurance for all your financial needs, whether it involves asset and wealth management or long- or short-term insurance, PSG should be your obvious choice as they have been financial leaders since 1998.

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