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OUTsurance Business Insurance

For business owners who want reliable, customisable solutions to protect their business, there’s OUTsurance Business Insurance. Find out what this insurance professional has to offer.

What is OUTsurance Business Insurance?

Business OUTsurance is the corporate cover arm of this giant in the insurance industry, OUTsurance Insurance Company Ltd. They offer South Africans cover for a wide range of insurable events. Each client can enjoy awesome service and a custom solution to give them peace of mind.

What Makes OUTsurance Different?

Their cover options help protect your company from risk factors with a low flat excess. The OUTbonus is a standard feature in each short-term insurance policy on offer. Clients can enjoy added benefits such as emergency medical assistance and more when they purchase a policy from OUTsurance.

Your monthly premium amount is risk profile dependent, which is good news for owners who are cautious about taking risks. It also means you won’t be subsidising higher-risk OUTsurance customers with your premium. Low risk clients will enjoy lower premiums than they might get elsewhere.

What is the OUTbonus?

The OUTbonus rewards each insured client for remaining claim free for 3 years. If you do not claim from your policy for three years, OUTsurance pays you out 10% of the total premiums you have paid in cash! The OUTbonus is one of the famous features that has made this insurer very popular in South Africa, since everyone likes getting something out.

How Does their Business Cover Work?

When you cover your business with OUTsurance, you sign policy documents that contain the details of your agreement with them. You commit to paying a monthly premium amount, and in return, they cover you for certain perils. To start, you can get a business insurance quote by filling the form at the top of this page.

Their customised approach takes economic factors into account when determining the items you need to include in your portfolio. Before business clients sign on, it is important to check the policy wording for waiting periods, exclusions, and the conditions of cover.

How Does OUTsurance Define Insurance?
It is a contract between an insurer and the insured company (that’s you) that protects the insured against losses because of contingencies or perils detailed in the policy documents. OUTsurance offers a large variety of cover options, such as home, buildings insurance, car, goods-in-transit, life, liability, and more.

What Does OUTsurance Business Cover?

When you choose this insurer, you can get cover for a range of incidents and perils. Their short-term insurance offering includes a list of options for every type of operation, from an agricultural business to an engineering business, everyone can get customised solutions.

Many businesses are interested in what pandemic cover OUTsurance offers. They are one of the insurers in the business insurance market of South Africa that have paid out business interruption insurance claims due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

OUTsurance Business Products

General Business Insurance Contracts

OUTsurance’s risk-based approach allows each client to take a contextual approach to their coverage. Because they’re offering general insurance for companies and organisations, you have the opportunity to customise your policy.

You can add a number of elements, such as goods-in-transit, stock insurance, money insurance, and more. These are the types of coverage you can choose to include in their general business insurance offering:

Accounts ReceivableFidelity
Business All-RiskMoney
Business Interruption InsurancePersonal Accident
ContentsPlant & Machinery
Electronic EquipmentStock

OUTsurance Business Car Insurance (Fleet)

Protect your fleet from liability claims, accidental damage, hail, and much more. You can choose comprehensive fleet, goods-in-transit, or limited cover options. Their limited options are either third-party liability only, or a comprehensive option that excludes hijacking and theft.

Other Forms of OUTsurance Commercial Cover

  • Agricultural

    Dedicated business cover for the unique needs of agricultural companies.

  • Engineering Business

    Engineers can protect their operations from risks related to their industry and claim in respect of damages where the related perils are covered with this policy.

  • Motor Traders

    In respect of repairs, liabilities, and other risks motor traders face, they can get protection with this policy.

  • Hospitality

    Restaurant owners and hospitality businesses can find peace of mind knowing they are protected from insurable perils, including pandemic cover for business interruption.

  • Contractors All-Risk

    Service providers who provide professional services in the construction industry can cover their risks and matters related to their work with this policy.

How do OUTsurance Business Claims Work?

It’s simple. Contact the insurer and they will guide you through the process. You can find contact details policy documents often contain to get the process started. The claims in question need to meet standard requirements and need to be made within a certain period (usually within a 30-day period).

The conditions of cover in your policy matter, since not all policies cover all eventualities. If the claim is for something that isn’t included in the events covered by your policy, your claim may be rejected.

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