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Auto & General Insurance

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Founded in 1985 as part of the Telesure Investment Holdings Group, Auto & General offers their clients competitive short-term insurance solutions. Known as a leading insurance provider in South Africa, Auto and General’s reliable short-term insurance options for vehicles offer unique cover. Their products include comprehensive car insurance, third-party cover, fire and theft, and more.

Auto & General Car Insurance Products

  • Comprehensive
  • Third-Party Fire & Theft
  • Third-Party Only
  • BetterCar

Auto & General Comprehensive Car Insurance

Find everything you need in one package. Auto & General’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy includes all the bells and whistles. You can get cover for when you are in an accident with another car to cover third-party costs, and the comprehensive plan offers much more. It can even cover situations where you have accidentally damaged your own car!

Further benefits of the Auto & General Comprehensive Car Insurance policy include towing & storage, theft & hijacking, Hail Damage & Car hire, and accessories.

If you’re in an accident, you won’t need to worry about towing and storage fees. Auto & General can make all the arrangements for you with just one call. This policy covers accidental damage and the repair or replacement of your car if it’s been written off. If your car is stolen or hijacked, the Auto & General Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance plan has you covered.

Vehicle Liability or third-party insurance is included in Auto & General’s comprehensive package. That means you’ll be covered if your car causes accidental damage, injury, or even fatality. You can claim for these costs, and there is an option to increase your third-party cover if you feel you need it. Hail damage and accessory cover is automatically included.

Auto & General Third-Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance

A second-tier product, Auto & General’s third-party, fire, and theft car insurance policy is straightforward in its offering. Though the scope of cover offered is not as broad as the comprehensive plan, Auto & General’s Third-Party, Fire & Theft policy still offers excellent cover and benefits. This plan insures your car for theft or fire damage, and it will cover third-party claims due to accidental damages. It does not, however, cover damage to your own vehicle.

With this policy, you also have the option of increasing your third-party cover for greater peace of mind.

Auto & General Third-Party Car Insurance

Known as a basic but essential type of cover, third-party vehicle insurance is the base level of cover essential for each South African car owner. Third-party insurance covers liability claims brought against you in the event that your car damages someone else’s property. This cover is ideal for people on a budget and is only suggested if your car is paid off and not of excessive financial value.

Remember that Third-Party only cover will not protect you from theft, fire, and damage caused to your own car in an accident or for other reasons.

Auto & General BetterCar Cover

Include BetterCar in your Auto & General Insurance to enjoy a unique benefit. Usually, should a car be damaged beyond repair, an insurance provider covers you for the retail, trade, or market value of your car. With these options of cover, you typically get a pay-out for the same value your car currently has when it is written off. The BetterCar Auto & General option will replace your car if it is written off with a model that is one year newer and that has fewer kilometers on the clock! You can get BetterCar value included in your vehicle insurance.

Other Auto & General Insurance Products

  • Auto & General Motorcycle Insurance Cover, which includes protection for accessories and third-party claims
  • Auto & General Caravan, Trailer and Watercraft Insurance with separate cover for towed vehicles.
  • Auto & General Home Contents Insurance that covers the movable possessions within your home.
  • Auto & General Buildings Insurance that covers the physical structure of your office or home.

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