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Optivest Medical

What does Optivest Medical do?

For 20 years Optivest Medical has offered health cover solutions to corporations and businesses in South Africa. Their consultancy is considered a leading national corporate healthcare service provider. Optivest Medical also helps medium to small employer groups and individuals untangle the complexities of medical aid schemes, benefits, and costs.

How can Optivest Medical Benefit me personally?

Ever wondered if your medical insurance or medical aid plan is more expensive than it should be or if you’re missing out on great benefits offered by other medical aids that you are not aware of? This is where Optivest Medical can assist. They will help you navigate the complex medical aid world to discover the medical aid or medical insurance plan that meets your needs and your budget best.

Optivest’s goal is to save their customers money and to offer support services that help them get the cover they need with the least amount of stress possible. You will get an unbiased view and analysis of medical aid schemes and advice backed by years of experience. With Optivest, you and our family can get medical cover needed, save money, and learn about the intricacies of the medical aid plan you’re considering before signing up.

How can Optivest Medical assist my corporation with medical aids?

All insurance products must be presented with honesty and transparency to the public and to customers according to South African legislation. This transparency and honesty should bear in mind the best interests of the individual or company to whom the information is provided. Should your company fail to measure up in any legislative area where medical aid is concerned, there could be complex legal repercussions.

This is where Optivest Medical can assist your company. With years of experience and knowledge, Optivest can provide management with information that equips them to make the best choices regarding medical aids for staff. In addition, Optivest helps the business communicate medical aid details to staff and employees by providing the relevant management members with the information they need to make the best possible communication.

Fill the Gap with Optivest

Optivest can help you to compare and assess more than just medical aid plans. You can optimise your medical aid plan with assistive Gap Cover. Gap cover offers customers additional cover where the medical aid may not cover procedures or other medical costs, particularly for hospital benefits. Medical aids sometimes do not cover the full amount a procedure costs. This is because medical service providers can charge as much as 500% more than the coverage amount provided by the medical aid.

Without gap cover, this cost ends up on your bill to pay even though you have medical aid. You can get assistance covering co-payments or medical shortfalls with Gap Cover or Combined Cover medical Plans.

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