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Medical Cover

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Discovery Health Medical

Discovery Health Medical schemes ensure your healthcare is in good hands at all stages of your health journey. Discovery offers you the widest range of medical aid plans available in the market today, catering for your individual healthcare and financial needs.

Discovery Health Products

  • Discovery Executive Plan
  • Discovery Comprehensive Series
  • Discovery Priority Series
  • Discovery Saver Series
  • Discovery Core Series
  • Discovery Smart Series
  • Discovery KeyCare Series

Discovery Executive Plan

  • Premiums are from R6,541
  • The Executive Plan offers you the most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits
  • Extended chronic medicine cover
  • Unlimited Above Threshold Benefit

Discovery Comprehensive Series

  • Premiums are from R4,026
  • Comprehensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day costs
  • Extended chronic medicine cover
  • Unlimited Above Threshold Benefits

Discovery Priority Series

  • Premiums are from R3,010
  • Discovery Priority Series offers affordable in-hospital cover
  • This plan also covers essential chronic medicine
  • Day-to-day benefits
  • Limited Above Threshold Benefit

Discovery Saver Series

  • Premiums are from R1,915
  • Economical in-hospital cover
  • Essential chronic medicine cover
  • Day-to-day benefits through a medical savings account

Discovery Core Series

  • Premiums are from R1,543
  • This hospital plan provides unlimited private hospital cover
  • Essential cover for chronic medicine
  • There are no day-to-day benefits

Discovery Smart Series

  • Premiums are from R1,285
  • Discovery Smart Series is a cost-effective in-hospital plan
  • Essential chronic medicine cover
  • Day-to-day cover when you use the specified medical service providers in the network

KeyCare Series

  • Premiums are from R839
  • Offers affordable medical cover
  • You will have to be willing to use providers in a specified network for in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment


  • No overall limit for hospital cover on any of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme plans
  • Access to any private hospitals on most plans
  • All Discovery Health plans offer a chronic illness benefit, although some plans cover additional conditions
  • Screening and prevention benefits will cover essential tests to detect serious illnesses early
  • Some Discovery Health Insurance plans offer Above Threshold Benefits that will offer further day-to-day cover once the Annual Threshold has been reached
  • There is a Day-to-day Extended Benefit on selected plans (extends your day-to-day cover for healthcare services in the Discovery network)
  • The Discovery Maternity Benefit offers comprehensive benefits for maternity and early childhood that covers certain healthcare services prior to and after birth
  • On some Discovery plans, day-to-day medical expenses from available funds are allocated to your Medical Savings Account

Discovery Health Medical plans range from the most comprehensive private healthcare offerings on the Executive Plan to the more affordable KeyCare plans.

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