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Alexander Forbes

+27 11 269 0000

Email: [email protected]
Fax: +27 11 269 0149

Head Office Address: 115 West Street, Sandown, 2196
PO Box 787240, Sandton, 2146

Alexander Forbes Insurance

They might not have discovered penicillin or conquered Persia, but Alexander Forbes is still one of the great Alexanders. In the South African insurance market that is. One of the leading risk management companies in the country, Alex Forbes provides long- and short-term insurance products via traditional channels. They have, however, recently cottoned on to the Internet and begun providing online quotes to clients. They offer the following insurance products:

Alexander Forbes life insurance

The life insurance Alexander Forbes offers includes disability and dread disease cover (if these options are selected). The long-term insurance pays out a lump sum in the event of the policyholder’s death, disability or diagnosis of a dread disease. The policy also includes a Business Overheads Benefit which pays out for business expenses in the event that you as a business owner become disabled and cannot work to cover these costs.

The disability benefits Alex Forbes provides covers either total and permanent disability, in which case a lump sum is paid out, or temporary and partial disability. The temporary or partial disability cover supplements lost income instead of paying a once off lump sum.

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Alexander Forbes car and home insurance

Not just a long-term insurance provider, Alex Forbes covers smaller assets, such as car insurance and home insurance. Their products do not only vary according to the asset insured, but also the policyholder. The 55 Plus policy is designed to provide short-term cover for retired individuals and specifically adjusts risk to cater for a solid insurance history, retirement and insight that comes with age.

The Platinum Woman short-term insurance product is a combined motor and household policy (like the 55 Plus), designed for women. The policy not only provides discounted premiums to women for being a lower insurance risk, but also unique benefits for women. Priceless is Alex Forbes’s comprehensive insurance policy for the single parents or families and also caters for both car and home insurance.

The Envoy policy covers high networth individuals by having the least number of exclusions in an insurance policy. Contact for a range of car, home and life insurance quotes.

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