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Alexander Forbes Insurance

Alexander Forbes is one of the leading risk management companies in the country, providing long- and short-term insurance products using traditional channels.


  • Alexander Forbes Long-Term Insurance
  • Alexander Forbes Business Insurance
  • Alexander Forbes Short-Term Insurance

Alexander Forbes Long-Term Insurance

Alexander Forbes Life insurance offerings include disability and dread disease cover should the consumer want to include these benefits into their life insurance cover. Long-term insurance pays out a lump sum in the event of the death of the policyholder and if a disability or a dread disease has been diagnosed.

Alexander Forbes Business Insurance

Alexander Forbes now offers a commercial insurance policy that is different from the usual; a policy that’s fresh and uncomplicated. Clients can house all their requirements under one insurance umbrella by combining motor, household, and business needs in one insurance portfolio with the premium remaining the same for 12 months.

The Business Insurance Policy Covers

  • Assets
  • Earnings
  • Legal liabilities
  • Losses and damages your business might suffer

This offer includes a range of optional extra extensions that can be tailored for the needs of your company.

Alexander Forbes Short-Term Insurance

Alexander Forbes is more than a long-term insurance provider and covers smaller objects like your vehicle and home too.

Alexander Forbes Short-Term Insurance Products

  • 55 Plus
  • Platinum Woman
  • Priceless
  • Envoy

Alexander Forbes 55 Plus Policy

The 55 Plus policy offers short-term insurance for retired individuals and adjusts the policy to cater to a good insurance track record, retirement, and insight that goes hand-in-glove with getting older.

Alexander Forbes Platinum Woman Policy

The Platinum Woman short-term product combines motor and household cover designed for women. Premiums are specifically created with discounts for women, as women are considered lower insurance risk; furthermore, there are unique benefits just for women.

Alexander Forbes Priceless Policy

Single parents are taken care of and can enjoy benefits with the comprehensive Alexander Forbes Priceless policy, which also caters for families. This plan offers car and home insurance.

Alexander Forbes Envoy Policy

The Envoy policy covers individuals that have a high net worth, by having the least number of exclusions in an insurance policy. This cover ensures that your assets are protected against numerous eventualities, designed to accommodate changing needs with high levels of service. Alexander Forbes boasts excellent service and claims policy, and business consumers will receive an elevated level of personal attention.

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