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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Ensure that you have the right kind of cover!

Protecting your professional reputation is of the utmost importance

Protecting your professional reputation plays a major role in professional indemnity insurance cover and is an oft-overlooked aspect of this type of cover.

Legal issues and litigation can drag on – the need to settle such cases will go a long way to protecting your professional reputation.

Professional indemnity insurance enables clients to pursue legal issues and tackle litigation to clear their name, defending their reputation with the backup of a professional insurance and legal team.

For those that offer services and give advice for a living, sufficient professional indemnity cover is not negotiable as this will offer you peace of mind

Why do I needProfessional Indemnity Insurance?

Regardless of what type of business you run, you need to ensure that you have the right kind of cover and sufficient professional indemnity insurance.

For those that own a business, irrespective of what industry you are in, you could become liable for damages incurred to a third party or to another’s property.

Furthermore, claims against you could arise regarding any type of negligence or even breach of duty regarding professional advice or professional services.

You have a responsibility when running a business and the threat of claims and litigation could become a reality in the business environment in a fast-paced world which could easily bankrupt any type of industry, whether large or small – that is why it’s so important to do your homework well to get the kind of cover you and your business deserve.

Professional indemnity insurance has been created to protect you and your business against costly litigation and for those that think there is a “one-size-fits” all type of insurance plan, think again – steer away from these offerings, as they seldom present the type of comprehensive cover your business requires; plus it is far better to tailor your cover to suit your specific, individual needs and requirements.

Whether you run a B & B establishment, restaurant, hotel or an office – public liability cover is essential as this will protect your business against liabilities against personal injury or death, damage to property or any other type of financial loss.

Whether the claims are to protect you and your business against any claims for breach of duty or negligence arising from omission in the performance of professional services, you need to know that come what may you will have a professional team to back you up, offering peace of mind.

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