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Hippo Advisory Services

Hippo Advisory Services is a brokerage with its specialty being Medical Aid assistance and advice offered to businesses, and brokers as well as private individuals.

The primary focus of Hippo Advisory Services is to assist private individuals and companies with relevant information regarding Medical Aids right across the board.

With a data base of applicable and relatable information through the use of numerous high-tech tools to ensure that comparisons and analytics are professionally carried out, Hippo Advisory Services is able to interpret valuable data and compare products, making this a user-friendly option so that businesses are able to make intelligent Medical Aid choices and decisions.

By comparing apples with apples, Hippo Advisory Services will source the most comprehensive Medical Aid products at the best prices, impacting positively on the bottom line of businesses.

Hippo Advisory Services is contracted to all the major players in the Medical Aid world, including Discovery Health, Liberty Health, Keyhealth Topmed, Resolution Health, Fedhealth, Bestmed, Medihelp, Momentum Health and Profmed.

With such a wide choice, the world’s your oyster when selecting the right cover and offering excellent benefits to employees.

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