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Youinsure Comparative Insurance Quotes

Can you save money by using this insurance aggregate to find an affordable offer? Find out how Youinsure works and if they’re worth it.

Who is Youinsure?

Youinsure is an insurance aggregate, meaning they are an insurance company that connects consumers with insurance carriers. If you are looking for insurance, you can get quotes on their site. They will have agreements in place with some South African insurance companies that allows them to pass along leads to the insurer when a consumer makes an enquiry for cover.

What Does Youinsure Do? offers South Africans comparative insurance quotes from a range of top insurance service providers. They are not insurance agents, which means they do not represent the insurance company. Neither are they brokers, meaning they do not represent the consumer either.

They simply provide quotes to consumers and connect them with an insurance company they have an agreement with. The South African insurance industry is very competitive, which has led to flourishing insurance aggregates such as, where customers can access exclusive offers and the lowest insurance premiums.

How Does Youinsure Work?

Whether you are looking for affordable car insurance quotes or for another insurance product, the Youinsure process is relatively simple. First, you can select the type of insurance you’re looking for. Next, you can fill in the form and get a call back within as little as ten minutes.

What Quotes Can You Get at YouInsure?

Coverage for loss is very important, and so is knowing the insurance company you choose will pay out your insurance claim. Youinsure has agreements with only reliable insurers in South Africa. Independent research showed that consumers can get an average of 29% cheaper insurance when using their site.

You can get cheap car insurance quotations and comparative car insurance quotes from Youinsure. They also offer much more, with insurance quotes for the below needs.

Home Insurance Quotes

You can get home insurance quotes from the top insurance companies in the country through Youinsure. With reliable cover, you can enjoy peace of mind that your home is insured.

Youinsure Car Cover Quotes

Whatever car you drive, auto insurance is important. Instead of settling for whatever insurer you’re familiar with, you can use the Youinsure site to compare providers. This will help you ensure you’re getting the best car insurance premium and excess prices.

According to a recent survey, YouInsure customers saved an average of 29% on their monthly car insurance premiums.

Business Insurance Quotes

Each business has different risks and needs. To find the kind of coverage that will help manage those risks, you can get quotes from Youinsure. They can help your business find the ideal insurance cover by matching your business coverage needs with the best insurance provider for that insurance type.

Life Insurance Quotes

Is anyone dependent on you financially? Insuring your life means when you pass away, the people you choose as beneficiaries will receive a pay-out that will guarantee their financial security for the future. You can compare life insurance quotes from different providers with YouInsure and make sure you’re getting the life insurance cover you and your family need.

Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance pays out money and assists with services to pay for a funeral to make the planning and execution of a funeral easier for a family. Find out which funeral insurance plan fits your needs best by submitting your details on Youinsure and receiving comparative funeral insurance quotes.

Youinsure Motor Warranty Quotes

Did you know you can maintain your car without emptying your wallet? It’s easy when you get motor warranty insurance quotes from Youinsure to compare your options.

Youinsure Legal Insurance Quotes

Legal insurance is there for you when you need to settle legal matters. You can make sure your day in court doesn’t bankrupt you by getting a quote for legal insurance. On the Youinsure site, receiving a quote for the legal cover you need is as easy as filling out a form.

You can start saving on your insurance premiums today by making use of the Youinsure three-step quote comparison process. They can help you find the type of insurance you need at the price you can afford. Or you can fill in the form on this page to get a free quote from one of more than 27 reliable South African insurance companies that we partner with.

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