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MotorHappy, as a prominent player in the insurance aggregation industry, offers South African vehicle owners a range of motor warranties. But what exactly is MotorHappy, and how can it benefit you?

Who is MotorHappy?

MotorHappy is an insurance aggregator that operates under the umbrella of Motus Financial Services, a registered financial services provider. Its primary mission is to assist South African vehicle owners in finding the most suitable motor warranty for their specific needs. By partnering with leading warranty providers, MotorHappy connects you to a diverse array of motor warranty options. 

How Does MotorHappy Work?

MotorHappy is dedicated to making life easier for vehicle owners across South Africa. Their core offering revolves around providing motor warranties, ensuring that your vehicle’s crucial components are covered for an extended period beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Whether you drive a brand-new car or an older model, MotorHappy aims to provide you with peace of mind by safeguarding your vehicle against unexpected breakdowns and repair costs.

One key advantage of choosing MotorHappy is the access to qualified advisory services. These experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable warranty for your vehicle, ensuring that it aligns with your unique requirements. MotorHappy simplifies the process, making it easier for you to protect your investment and maintain your vehicle’s performance. It’s worth noting that a warranty is not the same as service plans. For service plans, you will need to request that specific product.

What Warranty Does MotorHappy Offer?

MotorHappy offers a variety of warranties to cater to different vehicle owners and their specific needs.

Let’s explore the types of warranties they provide and how they can benefit you:

Extended Motor Warranty

No matter the type of vehicle you own, an extended car warranty can offer significant advantages. These warranties cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns resulting from failed parts or manufacturer faults. While it’s important to note that a warranty is not an insurance product, many insurance companies, including MotorHappy, offer them as standalone products.

When you drive a new car off the showroom floor, it typically comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers various parts and components of the vehicle, such as electrical systems, engine components, gearbox, and more. However, it’s essential to understand that the manufacturer’s warranty has a limited lifespan.

Extended warranties serve as a valuable safety net, ensuring that you won’t have to incur significant expenses to repair costly components still under warranty. What’s more, extended warranties often come with additional benefits, such as coverage for components that might not be included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

What Do MotorHappy Warranties Cover?

While MotorHappy’s warranties offer comprehensive coverage, it’s important to clarify what they do and do not cover. These warranties do not extend to cover services or regular maintenance. To ensure your vehicle’s service history remains intact, you’ll need a separate service plan. Furthermore, if a breakdown results from normal wear and tear, the warranty won’t cover the repair costs.

It’s essential to understand that motor warranties are distinct from car insurance. They don’t cover events like accidents, hailstorms, or damage and loss caused by insured events. Instead, they focus on manufacturer faults, mechanical failures, and electrical breakdowns under specific conditions.

To ensure that your vehicle qualifies for a MotorHappy warranty, it should fall within a particular age range or have accumulated fewer than a specified number of kilometers. MotorHappy’s warranties typically cover crucial components, including the gearbox, engine, suspension, differential, air conditioner, cooling system, turbo assembly, wheel bearings, clutch, CV joints, and prop shaft.

It’s worth noting that authorised dealers must use quality and approved parts when conducting repairs covered by the warranty. However, these warranties typically do not encompass brake components (including brake pads) or the water pump.

Added Benefits

One of the standout features of MotorHappy’s extended warranties is the array of additional benefits they offer to vehicle owners. These benefits can make a significant difference when you encounter unexpected vehicle issues. Here’s a closer look at some of the added benefits:

Towing and Roadside Assistance

In the event of a breakdown resulting from a mechanical or electrical failure unrelated to an accident, MotorHappy provides towing and free roadside assistance. This service ensures that you won’t be left stranded, and your vehicle will be safely transported to the nearest approved repair facility if immediate repairs aren’t possible.

Accommodation and Car Hire

If your vehicle breaks down while you’re away from home and you need overnight accommodation, MotorHappy may contribute to the costs or assist with car rental expenses. This support ensures that you can continue your journey or find a comfortable place to stay during unexpected delays.

Tyre Assistance

Tyre trouble is a common road hazard, but with MotorHappy’s extended warranty, help is just a call away. They can send assistance to change a flat tire wherever you are, ensuring you can get back on the road quickly.

Fuel Delivery

Running out of fuel can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re far from the nearest gas station. With MotorHappy, you can request a fuel run, and a contractor will deliver enough fuel to get you to the next filling station.

Jump Starts and Locksmith Services

In the event of a dead battery or accidentally locking your keys in the car, MotorHappy has you covered. They offer jump start services and can send a locksmith to retrieve your keys, providing valuable assistance in these common and inconvenient situations.

If you’re considering a motor warranty to protect your vehicle and your financial well-being, take the next step by requesting an insurance quote. Simply fill in our online form and an insurance expert will be in touch.

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