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Auto & General Insurance

Auto & General is a formidable leader in South Africa’s competitive short-term and long-term insurance industry. Their revolutionary streak continues with a commitment to service excellence while retaining the core values that have positioned Auto & General as a leader in the South African insurance industry.

Auto & General Products

  • Vehicle
  • Home and Personal
  • Value-added Products
  • Life
  • Commercial Insurance

Auto & General Vehicle Insurance

Auto & General Vehicle Insurance offers a wide range of products, including Comprehensive cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft, and Third-Party only cover. Auto & General Vehicle Insurance also covers:

  • Caravans
  • Motorcycles
  • Trailers
  • Watercraft, and
  • Off-road Adventure vehicles

Auto & General Value-Added Products

Auto & General offers a wide range of additional Value-Added products to enhance your existing policies, although they can also be taken out as stand-alone entities. Their range of value-added products takes care of you and your family when unforeseen eventualities occur. Auto & General offer peace of mind with these products:

  • Auto Top-Up

This product covers the difference between the vehicle’s insured amount and the outstanding financial amount and your paid deposit if you choose to include the Deposit Protector. The deposit claim paid out is either the deposit paid or 10% of the insured value of the vehicle–whichever is the lower amount.

  • Scratch & Dent

Cover for minor scratches, minor dents, and chips. Repairs are guaranteed for three years.

  • Mechanical Breakdown

Cover for mechanical or electrical failure occurring to a range of parts.

  • Tyre and Rim Guard

Auto & General developed the Tyre & Rim Guard product in response to the continued deterioration of the roads in South Africa and the increase in number and size of potholes.

  • Legal Cover

Offers unlimited advice on private legal matters, unlimited advice on labour matters, and advice that is readily available through a 24-hour call centre.

  • Personal Accident

If you are in an accident and become disabled, hospitalised, or die, Auto & General’s Personal Accident product will ensure your loved ones are taken care of.

  • Cell Phone Insurance

Specify the amount you would like to insure your phone for. Your cell phone is insured against accidental loss, damages, or theft. Your phone will either be replaced or repaired.

  • Funeral Plan

The Auto & General Funeral Plan provides cover for funeral expenses should you die, or should your spouse or children die, ensuring financial peace of mind.

Auto & General Home & Personal Insurance

Auto & General Home & Personal Insurance products are available to ensure that you have all areas of risk covered, whether the home contents or the buildings. Your everyday concerns should be a thing of the past with a wide range of offerings.

  • Auto & General Home Contents Insurance

Auto & General has committed to always being there for you beyond just vehicle insurance needs. That is why they have designed the Home Contents Insurance product to cover all the items you have inside your home against theft, loss, and accidental damage.

  • Auto & General Buildings Insurance 

Auto & General’s Buildings Insurance will cover the actual bricks and mortar of your home against losses or damage and not what you have put inside the building structure. The two kinds of insurance are separated because the risks involved are different and the risks related to building damage carry a larger financial impact.

Whether your buildings are damaged by fire, lightning, burst geysers, or burst pipes, Auto & General Buildings Insurance has you covered.

  • Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance

The great thing about this policy is that some of your portable items are immediately covered under the standard amount upon concluding a home contents policy. You also have a chance to insure your more expensive items and to specify their correct replacement values. These are referred to as Specified and Unspecified items. The less expensive items are considered unspecified, and your more expensive items are considered specified.

Auto & General Life Insurance

  • Pure Life Cover
  • Disablement Cover
  • Dread Disease Cover
  • Expo-Sure Cover
  • Auto & General Pure Life Cover

Auto & General’s Pure Life Cover is a straightforward cover for your life from 1Life. Focus on what matters most by taking care of the financial future of your loved ones. Choose between a Basic and an Elevated option.

  • Auto & General Disablement Cover

Auto & General Disablement Cover from 1Life will pay out a lump-sum should you be unable to continue within your occupational scope or should you become disabled as a direct result of an illness or physical injury.

  • Auto & General Dread Disease Cover

With dreaded disease cover from 1Life, you’ll be covered if you are diagnosed with a dread disease that will leave you unable to continue to provide financially for your family.

  • Auto & General Expo-Sure Cover

In the event of accidental exposure to the HIV-Virus, Expo-Sure is Auto & General’s HIV/Aids support product that has been created to provide you and your family members with essential assistance.

Auto & General Commercial Insurance

Auto & General offers Commercial and Specialised Liability Insurance cover to businesses in South Africa, whether they are small or medium in size. These products are tailored to cover you against any and all insurable risks that a business might face. Auto & General is one of the biggest names in short-term insurance and long-term insurance, boasting a long history and providing a full menu of insurance products for your home, car, possessions, life, and business.

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