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Auto & General insurance (Business & Domestic Use)

Why Auto & General?

Because they provide car insurance and other general short-term insurance products direct to the public. One of the bigger names in direct short-term insurance, auto & general has been in the insurance industry since 1985, providing a full range of products to cater for all domestic possessions. Their range of policies include vehicle, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, watercraft, home contents, portable possessions, and buildings insurance as well as a range of extras that can be added to your portfolio.

Auto & General car insurance

Among the standard policies offered to vehicle owners, namely comprehensive, third party, and third party, fire and theft, auto & general offer comprehensive offroad vehicle cover. As offroad vehicles are susceptible to particular perils not associated with driving on national roads, they require additional cover, which includes insurance for driving offroad in most SADC countries, spare wheel cover, and up to R5,000 worth of medical insurance. Auto & General car insurance can also be taken out for your motorcycle, so long as it is used for private or social use only. (That is, non-racing purposes.) The cover includes protection for accessories and third parties’ property.

Auto & General caravan, trailer and watercraft insurance

Outside of conventional vehicle insurance, Auto en General provides cover for trailers, caravans and watercraft.  The risks associated with towed vehicles are different to those of self-propelled vehicles. Given that trailers and caravans also contain movable possessions, Auto & General’s insurance includes these.

Auto & General home contents insurance

Not to be confused with home insurance, which covers the structure of the home and fixtures, home contents refers to the policy insuring your movable possessions within the home. The Auto en General home contents insurance policy includes furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, curtains, loose carpets, rugs, garden tools and the like. For specialty items of a higher value than the average movable item, these must be specified in the policy. For those items that frequently leave the premises of the home, an all risks insurance policy must be taken out. Auto & General refer to this type of policy as “portable possessions.”

Auto & General buildings insurance

For both offices and homes, Auto & General has buildings insurance, which covers the built structure. This includes fixtures such as driveways, parking bays, swimming pools and any other non-movable assets attached to the main structure or on the same premises. (Note: additional structures on the premises must be specified in the policy in order for them to be covered.

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    Simon Mahlaba
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