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Auto & General Insurance

Find out how Auto & General insurance meets the needs of South Africans and whether they’re any good. You can also get an affordable insurance quote here.


Who is Auto & General Insurance?

Auto & General has been a strong influential player in the industry of South Africa for many years. Most known for their short-term and long-term insurance products, the company has grown from strength to strength in over 29 years of operations. They now offer coverage to over eleven million people from eight countries!

Multiple decades’ experience means you can be sure you’re getting service excellence and products driven by their strong core values. Whether you need business insurance, funeral cover, life insurance, or car and home insurance, you can find the cover you need at Autogen.

Who owns Auto & General? Auto & General Insurance Company Limited forms part of the Telesure Investment Holdings Group. This group was founded in 1985 and offers customised assurance solutions to South Africans from all walks of life.

How Does Auto General Insurance Work?

To start, you can get an Auto & General insurance quote for the type of insurance you need. Once you have chosen the ideal plan for you, the policy documents are signed and completed. These documents detail the agreement between the insurer and yourself, the insured.

You agree to pay a monthly premium to the insurer, and in return,, they agree to cover certain eventualities and pay out certain amounts. They will detail the events that are covered in the policy documents, as will any exclusions.

Their website allows you to access and manage your portfolio and profile digitally. When you need to make an insurance claim or update your policy details, you can do this through their online portal. You can also read through your contract of insurance and request medical assistance if you have experienced a personal accident.

What Does A&G Cover?

The cover you get from A&G depends on the type of cover you purchase. You can get cover for your personal possessions, buildings insurance, car insurance, life cover, and much more. Each policy covers and excludes different things. Most Autogen policies come with assist benefits such as accident assistance, emergency medical assist, and home assist.

These benefits give you emergency response services in a medical emergency or other form of emergency. You can also get the trauma assistance benefit, the roadside assistance benefit, the legal assist benefit, and the entertainment assist benefit with an A&G policy. To find out which of these benefits are included in your policy, you can read through the documents or speak to an agent.

Many Auto General policies also include the cashback plus benefit, where the insurer gives the insured money back if they don’t claim for a certain amount of time. If you’re claim-free for four whole years, for example, they can pay you out a whole year’s worth in premiums or up to 25% of all the premiums you have paid in those four years!

They are known for offering excellent business plans to help cover the insurable risks to your business, no matter how big or small it is. Third-party damages and liability claims against your company need not bankrupt your operations when you are insured with A&G. You can simply submit a claim and get peace of mind that your financial future is secure.

Is Auto & General Any Good?

In 2021, their average customer feedback score after service interactions was 92%. This score was specifically related to ease of communication. On, their trust rating is 5.4. This puts them square in the middle, with just over half of the public who interact with them being happy with their experiences.

There is a lot to appeal to you when choosing Auto and General as your fair and reasonable insurer. Aside from a high customer experience score, you can get uninterrupted cover and affordable premiums. You can also get relief when you go through a traumatic experience or when an aggrieved party institutes a claim against you.

Whether you need a short-term policy, comprehensive motor vehicle, or a business quote, you can get it all. To start, simply fill in the form at the top of our page for an obligation-free quote from the ideal insurer.

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