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Medical Cover

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Bonitas Medical Aid

“Experience a medical aid that negotiates better rates for you and fights to get you better healthcare for less in South Africa.”

Founded more than 40 years ago, Bonitas is a non-profit medical scheme serving South Africans of every echelon.

The medical aid has won many awards for their tenacious service and excellence in the industry. Bonitas won first place in the Ask Africa Orange Index for service excellence in the industry. They came in first place in the South African Consumer Index for Medical Schemes in 2019. They have even featured in the Sunday Times as a top brand. 

The company aims to improve the lives of their members and be there for them in life-changing moments. Bonitas is known for negotiating better rates for their members and taking every possible step to give their members the best.

Who Owns Bonitas?

Bonitas is governed by an independent Board of Trustees. The trustees are professionals in financial, legal, and health sectors with expertise and experience. The trustees represent the interests of the members of Bonitas and act on their behalf.

How Does Bonitas Work?

Members sign up for a plan that suits them. They pay monthly premiums, and in return, Bonitas agrees to cover certain medical expenses and provide certain benefits. The benefits and a member’s coverage will be detailed in the plan they sign up for. When a member has depleted one category of cover, they will have access to the other category for the rest of the year. 

What Does Bonitas Medical Aid Cover?

Bonitas knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the varying medical needs of South Africans. You and your family can find a plan that suits your unique needs and budget with simplistic plans designed to be easy to understand.

The plans on offer from Bonitas come in 5 categories:

  • Edge, a relatively new category of plans driven by technology.
  • Traditional plans that give you benefits within specific limits.
  • Savings plan options that give you a predetermined amount each year to spend on your medical costs.
  • Hospital plans that cover emergency and scheduled in-hospital procedures
  • Income-based plans, an entry-level plan for day-to-day benefits and hospital cover on a network 

Bonitas Edge

In the Edge category, there is currently only one plan available, namely the BonStart Bonitas Plan. With this plan, you get unlimited cover at any BonStart network hospital. You get unlimited cover for GPs and specialists at the BonStart 100% rate. Blood tests, MRIs and CT scans are covered up to a limited amount per year. 

The plan includes a list of further medical coverage, including things like contraceptives and international travel. What makes this plan unique is the access to digital enhancements like virtual care. The plan is designed to suit the lifestyle of an active single professional.

Bonitas Traditional Plans

There are four plans available under the Traditional category. Primary, primary select, standard, and standard select. The primary option gives members simple day-to-day benefits and in-hospital cover. Primary Select is similar, except members pay 15% less and need to use Network specialists, doctors, and hospitals. 

The standard plan is more comprehensive and more expensive. Members get unlimited hospital cover, unlimited specialist and doctor visits at 100% of the plan’s rate, and unlimited blood tests. There is much more to enjoy on this plan. Or opt for the standard-select, where you pay 15% less but need to use their quality network of specialists, doctors, and hospitals.

Bonitas Savings Plans

Bonitas offers five great plans in the Savings category that give families and members the ability to adapt their medical aid to suit their budget and needs. All savings plans give members a set amount to spend on medical costs for the year. BonFit select is the most affordable Bonitas Savings plan. It is 15% cheaper when you use a Network hospital, doctor, or specialist.

The BonSave plan is the second most affordable, and it gives adequate cover for medical essentials and day-to-day needs. The BonComplete plan gives members a more generous savings and an above threshold benefit. In other words, when your savings run out, the above threshold benefit will give you limited cover.

BonClassic is the second most comprehensive, offering more than the other plans including great savings and extensive cover for day-to-day and in-hospital expenses. The most comprehensive option is the BonComprehensive plan. It is the first-class option, offering large savings an above threshold benefit, and extensive cover for all your medical needs.

Bonitas Hospital Plans

Most Bonitas plans include wellness and preventative benefits, including all their hospital plan options. Their hospital plans are designed to cover emergency and planned medical procedures that happen in a hospital. You can choose from Hospital Standard, BonSelect, and BonEssential Select. Cover ranges between options.

Bonitas Income-Based Cover

Finally, you can choose a plan that bases your premium on the amount of income you earn. This entry-level option helps everyday South Africans afford the cover they need for day-to-day costs and hospital expenses. Members are only covered when visiting network doctors, specialists, and hospitals.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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