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LegalWise provides legal cover for all South African individuals and assists with numerous legal matters except traffic fines, political issues, and matrimonial affairs. Depending on the monthly premium clients pay to LegalWise, they will get access to legal advisors and referrals for representation in court. LegalWise boasts a countrywide network of branches for your convenience.

LegalWise may pay between R58,000 and R150,000 representation in insurance cases should the dispute not be covered by the insurance company. Legal cover, however, is limited to an amount determined by the type of membership, which ranges from Gold to Platinum, including a range of legal cover options for employment, consumer, homeowner, and vehicle issues, among others. Certain plans also provide legal cover for members’ spouses.

LegalWise Services

Over and above providing face to face legal consultation services, the counsellors also assist with negotiations and correspondence with third parties on behalf of members, legal documents (such as wills and contracts) and debt relief including settlement negotiations, blacklisting and payment extensions.

LegalWise Areas of Expertise

The counsel available to members ranges from matters of employment, such as unfair dismissal, to criminal charges against them or their family. It includes issues relating to homeownership and motor vehicle matters such as accident claims, poor repairs, or mechanical issues. LegalWise can also advise on consumer-related matters should the purchase of a product or service result in injury or financial loss.

LegalWise Products

  • Gold Membership
  • Gold Plus Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • Added Optional Benefits of LegalWise Membership
  • Debt Counselling

LegalWise Gold Membership

You pay a mere R90 a month to become a LegalWise Gold member. LegalWise Gold Members get a payout of up to R90,000 in legal fees for each case. Should the main member die, a R9,000 payout will be made to cater for legal costs.

LegalWise Gold Membership Benefits

  • A reprieve of up to six months for retrenchment, or permanent or temporary disability
  • A payout for legal expenses if the main member dies due to an accident
  • Paralegal services include a team of in-house legal counsellors to assist in settling cases without going to court (where possible)
  • Legal assistance via email
  • Legal assistance online during office hours
  • 24/7 helpline

LegalWise Gold Plus Membership

You pay R135 for the LegalWise Gold Plus Membership. With the LegalWise Gold Plus Membership, you enjoy R45,000 more in payouts for legal assistance (R135,000 for each case). Payouts cover legal representation in court or alternative methods of resolution. The best part is that your cover includes access to legal counsel for your family too. As a Gold Plus Member, you get one free 45-minute consultation with any LegalWise lawyer on the network. An amount of R13,500 is paid out on the death of the main policyholder to attend to any legal fees.

LegalWise Platinum Membership

LegalWise Platinum Membership is the top of the range product which will cost you R220 every month. Your legal fees payout per case will be R220,000 for assistance with legal matters, whether the case goes to court or not.

LegalWise Platinum Membership Benefits

  • Free property evaluation annually
  • A 60% discount on conveyancing fees for property-related matters
  • Members enjoy claim insurance benefits for child maintenance and uncontested divorce and for rescission of administration orders
  • Specialised legal representation

Members of LegalWise can cancel their policy at any given time if they feel dissatisfied with the service or product – applicable if you have not gone beyond three months of the waiting period stipulated. If you have not made any claims at this point, your premiums will be reimbursed. This applies to all LegalWise members regardless of the plan they have chosen.

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