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Not just an oxymoron, LegalWise provides legal cover for individuals on all legal matters except traffic fines, political issues and matrimonial affairs. The monthly premiums clients pay to LegalWise grant them access to legal advisors and referrals for representation in court for all uninsured issues (as insurance companies’ legal departments should represent clients in such disputes). LegalWise may pay for between R58 000 and R150 000 representation in insurance cases should the dispute not be covered by the insurance company.

Legal cover is limited to an amount determined by the type of membership which ranges from Gold to Platinum, including a range of legal cover options for employment, consumer, homeowner and vehicle issues among others. Certain types of cover also provide for members’ spouses.

LegalWise services

On top of providing face to face legal consultation services, the counselors also assist with negotiations and correspondencse with third parties on a member’s behalf, assistance with legal documents (such as wills and contracts) as well debt relief including settlement negotiations, blacklisting and payment extensions.

Should a member require legal assistance in court, the advisors can consult members on court procedures and also refer them to an attorney. LegalWise is, though, not legally permitted to handle such matters in a court of law, and thus refers members to a third party.

LegalWise areas of expertise

The counsel available to members ranges from matters of employment (such as unfair dismissal) to criminal charges being laid against them or their family. It includes issues relating homeownership and motor vehicle problems (such as accident claims, poor repairs or mechanical issues). They can also advice on consumer-related matters should members purchase of a product or service result in injury or financial loss.

Should you be wrongly sued or wish to sue someone else, LegalWise is available for consultation. Their 24-hour legal line also promises that their services are available whenever you need them. Moreover, if, after three months, you feel that you are not getting your premium’s worth, you can opt out of your contract in which case they will refund your premiums to that point.

LegalWise only provides legal cover. For more information on LegalWise membership options, click on the link. For other legal cover options or for a range of personal and business insurance options, fill in our online form and an insurance representative will contact you with quotes.

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