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JaSure Insurance Company


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JaSure Insurance Company

“Take a look at a pioneering InsureTech company making insurance easier, cheaper, and more convenient than ever in South Africa!”

What is JaSure Insurance Company?

Underwritten by Santam, a registered financial services provider, JaSure insurance has arisen from a wave of companies approaching insurance in a new and innovative way. The movement has been named InsureTech and describes the combination of artificial intelligence, mobile applications, bots, and offering insurance approached from the perspective of the consumer. JaSure was founded in 2017 and went on to receive funding and backing from Santam in early 2020.

According to Co-founder and COO Jaclyn Prior, JaSure makes it possible to offer more affordable insurance for personal possessions using an innovative approach to cover. By taking insurance onto an app and allowing for on-demand insurance, they are able to cut costs and offer cheaper insurance. In so doing, JaSure aims to increase their customers’ value for money.

What Makes JaSure Insurance Different?

You can get a policy more easily than by traditional means with JaSure Insurance. The claims process is also simplified and executed digitally on their application. Ensuring your belongings has been made more affordable than ever by cutting the costs of call centres, agents, and unnecessary complicated procedures. JaSure’s refreshing new vision of insurance that adapts to your lifestyle brings ground-breaking insurance to your fingertips.

With no call centre, everything runs on the JaSure Android or Apple mobile app, from signing up to claiming. If you need more assistance, JaSure offers contact by email or a live chat bot and a help centre. You can switch insurance on and off on the app, paying only for what you need when you need it. This type of on demand insurance technology is cutting edge and a highly innovative solution in South Africa’s insurance market.

How to Sign Up with JaSure Insurance

To get cover for your belongings, you do not need to phone the insurer, fill in a list of forms, or jump through proverbial hoops. You can get JaSure insurance in just a few simple steps. First, download the app. Next, fill in the details of the items you wish to insure one at a time on the app. Details can include serial numbers, make, model, value, and more. After entering the details, you can take photos of each object. You will then see a quote for the insurance, which you can accept if you choose.

JaSure’s Unique Premium Calculation

Traditional insurance companies include a monthly premium that remains the same for a period in the policy wording. The amount often grows each year or at agreed time periods. JaSure approaches insurance in a unique way, giving you the ability to pay different amounts for cover each month.

The insurance premium clients need to pay is calculated based on the provided details of the insured object and the number of days that cover was switched on for the object on the app. If you switched your cover on for 30 days, you will pay more than if cover was on for only 15 days. This adaptability offers a measure of flexibility that suites a modern lifestyle.

On-Demand Insurance Cover

Imagine the convenience and ease of switching your insurance on or off whenever you like. Not riding your bicycle, which is in storage for the weekend? Why not switch off your cover and save? Premiums are calculated monthly and allow you the flexibility of switching cover for specific items on and off at will to save money.

What Does JaSure Personal Assets Insurance Cover?

Currently, JaSure offers cover for personal belongings, including laptops, cell phones, cameras, and other personal technology, camping gear, bicycles, eyewear, sports gear, electronics, and appliances. If you want something covered that isn’t currently listed, you can send a suggestion to JaSure.

The terms and conditions of cover are in a standard policy document which you can find on the website. Accidental damage, theft, and loss is covered internationally as long as the items are used in a personal and not professional capacity. If you use your gear in, for example, a race internationally, the item will be covered if you entered in your personal capacity and not professionally.

There are terms for the cover, for example, if the item is in an unoccupied building, the building must be locked and secured, and there should be evidence of forced entry. Wear and tear isn’t covered, and neither is intentional malicious damage you or someone acting for you causes.

How to Claim from JaSure Insurance

Claims from JaSure Insurance are processed through their mobile app. Within 15 days of an incident, you should submit your claim. You may be asked to keep the broken asset, provide proof of ownership if it has been stolen, or provide other additional documentation. You can view the progress of your claim on the app. There may be an excess that you need to pay when claiming.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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