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First for Women Legal Insurance

Legal cover for women can bring peace of mind and security. Many African women are enjoying the range of benefits available. Find out if you can benefit too.

What is First for Women legal?

1st for Women has become popular in South Africa because they designed insurance products made to suit the needs and pockets of women specifically. They offer women home insurance and motor insurance, along with a variety of insurance solutions. A majority of insurance products in their offering include lower prices for women and benefits women will enjoy.

First for Women legal cover gives women access to legal services and added optional benefits. These services will help protect their legal rights or give them legal backing when they need it most. At FFW, you can get affordable insurance cover for legal costs and services if you are a woman.

How Does First for Women Legal Cover Work?

At FFW, you can get access to a single policy that gives you comprehensive insurance cover for legal aid. When it comes to their litigation benefit, there are three options you can choose from.

You can choose to buy this policy as a standalone product or purchase it alongside your other insurance coverage with the insurer. You commit to paying a monthly premium via debit order, and in return, the insurer commits to giving you cover for legal needs.

The details of the personal legal cover you get will be contained in the policy documents. Before your cover commences, you need to sign these documents, and the insurer must sign them too. It is a good idea to read through the policy, paying attention to the insured perils and exclusions, before signing.

What Does 1st for Women Legal Insurance Cover?

When you buy legal insurance with 1st for Women, you get access to legal advice for private, labour-related, or legal matters. This short-term insurance policy includes many standard benefits, listed below. It also includes a measure of legal liability cover, should a third part bring a claim against you.

The FFW Mediation Benefit

The mediation benefit gives you cover for the legal costs involved in any civil, criminal, and labour cases, including uncontested and contested divorce cases. When you need physical representation, such as appearances at court proceedings, trials, or depositions, this cover comes into play. Our legal representatives will also write letters on your behalf, make phone calls, send faxes and emails, and even hold consultations.

This benefit allows you assistance up to the point where litigation cannot be avoided. It kicks in from the date of commencement of your policy, so you cannot get cover for prior legal matters.

The FFW Litigation Benefit

On the FFW legal policy, you and the relevant family members covered by the policy can get legal representation in court for criminal, civil, and labour matters. The cover is limited to an amount per year, which will be given in your policy documents.

The FFW Tax Benefit

On this policy, you can get access to registered tax practitioners who can act as mediators between you and SARS. You can get tax advice and help completing your personal yearly tax submissions for your annual tax return. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of this cover in the policy documents.

More Products Available at First for Women

  • For South African business women business insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding their corporate endeavours. You can get business insurance from FFW.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance from FFW covers South African women for accidental damage for almost every model of vehicle. You don’t have to risk driving an uninsured vehicle. FFW cover includes fantastic benefits and cover for damage to your vehicle or third-party liability for damage.
  • Accident & Funeral Insurance from FFW is affordable and can benefit your loved ones. Should you or any person insured on your policy pass away due to an accident, the policy can help pay for the costs of a funeral.

Are you looking for personal legal cover that suits your needs as a woman? You don’t have to struggle to get hold of different insurance companies. Simply fill in the form at the top of this page, and the ideal insurer for your needs will contact you shortly!

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