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Apex Motor Warranty

Get an extended motor warranty from the experts in warranty services. Learn more about Apex Insurance and what they have to offer.

Who is Apex Insurance?

Apex is a motor warranty provider that forms part of Talksure Trading, a licensed financial services provider. Along with offering motor warranties and BodyCare cover, Apex can also offer you advice and other intermediary services.

How Does Apex Work?

Apex is part of an insurance company, but they do not provide insurance cover for your car. Instead, they offer warranties for your vehicle. A warranty is similar to insurance, but the cover you get differs, as does the price.

What is a Motor Warranty?

A motor warranty is also called mechanical breakdown insurance. Unlike car insurance, you aren’t covered for accidents, theft, or loss. Instead, the motor warranty covers parts of your car if they should break down. Breakdowns that are covered should be of a mechanical or electrical nature. The cover you get should include the labour to repair or replace the part and a replacement of a part if needed.

Unexpected breakdowns can cost a lot, which is why this type of cover is so smart. You won’t have to worry about the unexpected. Car warranties are not usually expensive, with a nominal monthly premium that you agree upon before commencing with the warranty.

What Does an Apex Motor Warranty Cover?

With an Apex motor warranty, you can get protection from the financial implications of a sudden or unexpected mechanical vehicular breakdown or electrical failure. The Apex motor warranty offers 6 cover options. Each warranty option has unique cover for specific car parts.

Elite Plus

Elite Plus is Apex’s most comprehensive moor warranty option. You get cover up to a specified amount per year for your engine, gearbox, differential, differentia lock, management system, transfer box, supercharger, turbo assembly, and casing. Cars that are less than 9 years old and have less than 250,000km on the odometer can get this warranty.


The second most expensive and comprehensive plan on offer is Elite. On this option, you get cover up to a predetermined amount for the same parts as on the Elite Plus plan. The difference is that the cover amounts per year are lower. As with the Elite Pus plan, only cars that are less than 9 years old can get this warranty, and their odometers should not have gone over 250,000km.

Elite Lite

Elite Lite offers the least amount of cover per item and is the most affordable of the Elite plans for vehicles under 9 years old and/or under 250,000km. On this plan, you get a specified amount of cover per year for your engine, gearbox, differential, management system, electrical components, cooling system, cylindrical head gasket, cambelt failure, and other unspecified events.

Prime Plus

This plan is designed for cars that are older than 9 years but have less than 400,000km on the clock. On the Prime Plus plan you can get cover up to a specific amount per year for your engine, gearbox, differential, differential lock, management system, turbo assembly, transfer box, casing, and supercharger.


This plan is made for cars with less than 400,000km on the odometer that are older than 9 years. It covers all the same items that are covered on the Prime Plus plan, except for a lower amount per item. This warranty can save you money, but you may have to pay in.

Prime Lite

Finally, the Prime Lite plan is the most affordable option, but it only covers cars with less than 350,000km on the clock that are older than 9 years. The plan covers all the same items covered on the Elite Lite plan, except for older cars and for different amounts.

Value-Added Benefits

Each plan includes value-added services like roadside assistance, pothole expert, car hire, and funeral or personal accident cover. On the most comprehensive options, you get all the value-added products, but on the Lite options, you only get roadside assistance.

BodyCare Plan

Apex also offers a BodyCare pan that covers scratches, small scrapes, dents, and more. With this plan, you can keep your vehicle in mint shape without paying an arm and a leg. The plan covers:

  • Stone Chips
  • Scratches
  • Minor dents
  • Interior of the vehicle
  • Annual AC treatment
  • Odour treatment
  • Headlight renewal
  • Complimentary car valet
  • Windscreen and glass maintenance
  • Tar removal

What Makes Apex Different?

Apex covers authorised repairs at approved dealers and workshops. There is no excess, which means you don’t have to pay anything in if you claim. They have no vehicle age limit, and their monthly premiums are fixed. No escalating costs to worry about. On each plan, you can also get roadside assistance and expert crisis assistance or emergency coordination.

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