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Auto & General Motor Warranties

Looking for peace of mind and financial cover for when you need to repair or replace broken car parts? An Auto & General car warranty may be the answer for South Africa’s motorists.

Who is Auto & General?

Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd is an insurance company that forms part of Telesure Investment Holdings. They offer insurance products like car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and even life cover. They also offer their clients value-added products to enhance their lives, and one such product is the Auto & General Motor Warranty.


How Does an Auto & General Motor Warranty Work?

The Auto & General’s warranty works like most warranties provided by insurers in South Africa. You can cover vehicle parts. This means that A&G will help you replace or fix the parts if they break down. This cover reduces the cost of repairs or the cost of replacing the parts. You won’t need to pay a lump sum suddenly when things go wrong for unexpected repair costs on major components.

You buy the warranty from the A&G and pay a monthly premium. In return, the they give you cover for parts and events as mentioned in the policy details. You can see which items are covered and what terms and conditions apply in the warranty policy document before you decide to purchase it. Simply request to see the policy wording before finalising your purchase.

It may take you a bit more time, but knowing what’s covered can lower complaints and increase your satisfaction with the product you choose. You also may get less rejected claims when you understand the exclusions and what’s covered by your motor warranty. Please note that this does not replace your maintenance plan.


What Do Auto & General Car Warranties Cover?

Warranties are designed to cover mechanical failures and breakdowns, not normal wear and tear or service and maintenance issues. They also don’t cover damage caused by accidents. The warranty is for your car. It doesn’t cover you or third parties. It’s basically a promise from the warrantor that specific parts of your car will last a certain length of time. If they don’t, the warrantor should replace or fix that part.

If the part breaks after the warranty period, then it is no longer under warranty and you don’t get financial cover for it. If a part that isn’t covered causes your car to break down, the cost of repair or replacement will not be covered by the warranty. There is no cover for things like dents and scratches or regular wear and tear.

Types of A&G Warranties Available

A&G plan options for car owners in need of a warranty include extended warranties and warranties for pre-owned cars. Coverage options available depend on various factors. This can include the age of the car, its service history and if it has a full service history, and how far it has been driven.

Pre-Owned Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

This plan is designed to cover costly repairs related to mechanical breakdowns in second-hand cars or cars that are no longer considered new. The amount of cover you get depends on several factors and vehicle details. These include the vehicle’s age, mileage, and service records. There is a plan for all cars out there, no matter the age or mileage.

Extended Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

An extended vehicle warranty is only useful for new cars. Cars need to qualify for cover based on odometer readings, the age of the car, and how well it has been maintained. The extended warranty gives the buyer cover for specified parts for two years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, thus extending your cover.

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Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd is an authorised financial services provider (FSP licence number: 16354).


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