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Scorpion Legal Protection

When you need to stand up for your rights or strike back at injustice, you can get legal insurance to cover legal costs with Scorpion Legal Protection. Find out what they offer and if it is worth it.

Who is Scorpion Legal?

From 2006, Scorpion Legal has been offering South Africans affordable solutions to their legal problems with Personal Legal Cover products. In 2008, they added a funeral insurance offering for their clients. With scorpion at your back, you can get legal advice and support from scorpion lawyers.

Who Underwrites Scorpion Legal?

Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Ltd (LEZA) underwrites their legal policies, and Hollard Life Assurance underwrites their funeral policies. They are a registered financial services provider.

How Does Scorpion Legal Protection Work?

First, you can choose one of the range of policies available from Scorpion. There is one to suit different levels of need and expense. When you have chosen a policy, they will send you documents to sign. They, as the insurer, will also sign these documents, which make up the agreement between you and them.

In the policy documents, they lay all the terms and conditions of your agreement out. You agree to pay a monthly premium amount to the insurer, and in return, they give you personal legal cover for specified insurable perils. They will offer extras for free and they may exclude some types of events or cover.

What Does Scorpion Legal Insurance Cover?

You get access to a Scorpion lawyer who will represent you in court proceedings and 24/7 legal advice through the Scorpion Legal Contact Centre. If you are looking for affordable funeral cover in South Africa, they are also a great option to consider. Here is a breakdown of the policy options on offer at Scorpion in South Africa:

Scorpion Legal Packages

You can choose from one of six different Scorpion Legal Packages for personal legal cover. On all their plans, you can get free legal advice.

Policy A

Scorpion’s Policy A costs the most per month, excluding the platinum range, but it also gives you the most comprehensive legal cover. It gives you the highest amount of coverage for representation in court, as well as cover for labour matters, civil matters, criminal matters, and administrative issues.

With this plan, you also get access to their tax helpdesk and specialist departments. It includes a disability and retrenchment benefit and the option to add a parent or parent-in-law to your cover. Finally, all their plans come with a 31-day money-back guarantee.

Policy B

The Policy B cover plan is slightly more affordable, because it excludes some cover options. You cannot get cover for civil matters, criminal issues, or administrative problems. You also do not have the option of adding any parents to your cover. The financial cover limits for representation in court and for accidental death are just more than half of what Policy A provides.

Policy C

As one of the most affordable options, this plan is ideal for families who are on a tight budget. It is almost identical to Plan B, except that it gives you civil cover instead of labour cover. All the Scorpion policies include exclusions, and there are limits on what they will cover in a year and how many cases they will cover. It’s best to read through your policy documents to find out what the limits are.

Scorpion Platinum Range

The Scorpion platinum range is comparable to their other three products. You pay more per month than on the other plans. Thankfully, you also get a larger amount of coverage financially for legal representation and accidental death legal expenses.

Who Needs Scorpion Legal Cover?

Anyone who needs legal cover or a funeral policy can sign up with Scorpion. It is made for all types of people, but especially those who face personal legal risks. If you need extensive legal cover that will cost more than R200,000, Scorpion Legal is probably not the best option for you.

Is Scorpion Legal Worth It?

Scorpion legal has 3.6 stars on HelloPeter, a surprisingly positive result for a player in its industry. This means many of their clients are relatively happy with their customer service and legal cover products. They score 6.6 out of 10 on the trust index, and they rank 25th in the insurance industry.


If you are looking for the best legal cover in South Africa, you do not have to hunt down the Scorpion Legal contact details. Simply fill in the form at the top of this page, and our innovative technology will match you with the best insurer for your needs. Best of all, they will contact you! It’s that easy!

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