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DIB Solutions

DIB Solutions takes care of a myriad insurance needs and requirements on all fronts. The many aspects of personal insurance, business insurance, truck insurance, mountain bike insurance and more will be covered – ensure you ask for the correct cover for your individual needs.

At DIB Solutions we proudly provide our clients with the kind of competitive cover they deserve; an in-depth needs analysis is carried out by us, and the best part of all is that we only deal with stalwarts in the industry d service providers that have a good reputation – this will always result in the ability of claims being paid out on time every time. In other words, an effective and efficient underwriting ability can be expected, which makes taking out insurance with DIB Solutions an effective and user-friendly experience every time a claim needs to be executed.

The advantages of having personal insurance cover are numerous:

Maintaining a certain lifestyle takes responsibility – are you responsible enough to ensure this continues should you experience an incidence through no fault of your own?

The big question here is – are you and your personal items insured at the replacement value should you experience a burglary or your car gets stolen? Your insurance is supposed to be a soft place to fall on if you fall prey to the many natural and unnatural events that can and do take place – ensure you are wise prior to the unfortunate event and that you are covered no matter what.

The next big question with insurance will always be – what should I pay for my insurance cover every month?

The thing is – in a tight economy there is a lot of competition vying for business, and insurance is certainly no exception.

This is a great environment where good prices for excellent products will be sourced. We will guide and ensure you shop around for the best prices and that you get the most comprehensive cover on all your personal, business and other insurance cover.

We guarantee you get the best bang for your buck, and that you find the right cover for your individual and unique needs.

DIB Solutions is able to offer a broad spectrum of cover including motor insurance, household insurance and all those bits and bobs that fall under the all-risk umbrella such as jewellery, music equipment and numerous other portable items. Furthermore, enjoy cover for motorcycles, boats, caravans, your Venter trailer, and all aspects of building insurance cover.

And – it is really easy to get a quotation.

Your Business Insurance cover – why you need it and how we can assist:

Getting the right cover for your business is a no-brainer. You’ve spent years and years building up your livelihood – therefore you have a responsibility to yourself, your staff and your loved ones to ensure your business is taken care of should you experience any unforeseen eventualities.

Whether you hire equipment, own state-of-the-art electronics, run a restaurant, an IT company, a large store or a Mom and Pop outlet – you need to ensure you are covered for loss of income should you need this cover, are protected against lightning strikes, fraud, flood, malicious damage, theft and the myriad unfortunate incidents that could befall a business owner.

Are you covered for liability should someone slip and fall on your business premises? At DIB Solutions we guide and advise business owners to ensure they are covered for all eventualities should they succumb to any or all of these.

Do you own a high-tech mountain bike and have you invested in all the bells and whistles that go hand-in-glove with the sport?

Bike enthusiasts tend to spend all their spare time and all their money on their sport. It should come as no surprise that they have invested a lot of money on their bikes, too. Are you covered, if you are a bike enthusiast for the many perils that you could experience as a bike owner? Are you insured against theft and accidents or damage to your pride and joy?

DIB Solutions proudly offers you all the cover you need and more.

From agriculture to buses, business owners to aviation – whatever your insurance needs DIB Solutions has you covered.

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