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How to Make the Most of Hippo Insurance

Is Hippo reliable and can they really get you the best quotes? Find out everything you need to know about Hippo Insurance Services and what role they play in the insurance sector here.

Hippo offers you an easy way to compare quotes online. There’s no obligation, and no cost involved when you compare options with this insurance aggregator. Their comparison tool is designed to help you find the option that best suits your needs and budget, offering you quotes on a large range of insurance products from South African insurance companies.

What is Hippo Insurance?

Hippo is an insurance aggregator that plays a role in the insurance industry of South Africa. Their main role is to connect individuals looking for cover with the ideal insurer through their online comparison tools. Insurance partners give Hippo a percentage of the monthly premium of any insurance policies sold thanks to their site.

Who Owns

An insurance group called Telesure Insurance Holdings (Pty) Ltd owns Hippo. They also own various insurance companies in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. In many other countries, an insurance group can own a comparison website, too.

Who are Their Insurance Partners?

There are more than 50 insurance companies that have an agreement with Hippo. Their insurance partners include companies from ABSA to Virseker. You can view their partner list, which is amended from time to time, on their site.

How Does Hippo Work?

Whether you stay in Cape Town or Johannesburg, the process is the same. Start by visiting a product page such as a car or home insurance page on their website. Next, fill in the form on that page.

The advanced technology they use draws quotes directly from various insurance companies. You can view and compare these quotes. If you like one of them, you can click the “I’m Interested” button, and the insurer will contact you.

Want financial cover for damage or cover for health risks? You can get comprehensive cover by comparing quotes from Hippo’s insurance partners on their website.

What Kind of Cover are you Considering?

For My Car

Take a look at motor vehicle cover options and compare quotes from the top insurers in the country today with the Hippo comparison tool. It’s easy and requires very little effort from your side. You can look at car insurance, motorcycle insurance, or offers that combine home, business, and motor insurance. You can find peace of mind with the ideal motor cover for your unique needs.

For My Home or Business

The Hippo compare tool can compare all kinds of insurance for your home, business, and lifestyle. It even compares specialised cover options for specific needs and lifestyles. By comparing, you can get the information you need to make the choice that’s best for your future. Homeowners can take advantage of the technology available on their website to ensure they are not paying too much for their buildings insurance.

For Life Insurance

Hippo’s tools are designed to help customers make plans that will protect your family should you pass away. By comparing the top life insurance and funeral cover options today, you can keep providing for your family when you are no longer around. You can also make sure the funeral doesn’t put them in financial trouble. There are life cover and funeral cover options to suit every customer’s needs.

What about Health Cover and Medical Aid?

The health cover you need may differ from the health care another family requires. You may be surprised to find out how specifically a medical aid or medical insurance provider can cater to your family’s medical needs. Instead of hoping for the best, you can compare quotes and benefits with Hippo quotes.

You can compare quotes from top medical aid providers in the country, or you can look into medical cover, medical gap cover, and even pet medical aid. Fluffy can get the care he needs without busting your wallet. If your needs are very specific or your budget is in a tight spot, the Hippo site can help you find the exact cover you need from a range of African insurance brands.

Can Hippo Help Me Buy or Care for a Car?

The short answer is yes. Hippo can compare quotes for purchasing a car, for service plans, and for all kinds of vehicle care. Does your car have a scratch or dents? Compare quotes for its repair today. Do you need vehicle tracking for your personal or business vehicle? Compare your options with Hippo and make an informed decision.

Why Choose Hippo?

Hippo helps people in South Africa choose the best insurer. The Hippo comparison tool is hassle-free and gives you an easy view of what’s really on offer and how it compares to other quotes. In three quick and easy steps you could be comparing Hippo quotes. There are no hidden costs, and they keep all your personal information confidential.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance

Cover for your specific business requirements

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Get up to 9 car insurance quotes

Funeral Cover
Funeral Cover

Wide range of funeral insurance quotes

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