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Bicycle Insurance

Make sure your bicycle and cycling equipment are insured

What is Bicycle Insurance?

It is important to read your insurance schedule carefully – particularly the fine print when insuring your bicycle or when shopping around for bicycle insurance.

Many South Africans are keen cyclists, therefore the need for investing in excellent cycling equipment and state-of-the-art bikes have become part and parcel of this burgeoning sport.

However, not all insurers automatically insure bicycles under the household contents section of the insurance schedule, although some do cover the theft of bicycles if the incident has taken place either in the home and its outbuildings.

Some insurers require bicycles to be specified under all-risks cover but it is advisable to call your insurer and enquire about the nature of the cover you already have.

What you need to know aboutBicycle Insurance?

All-risks cover for your bicycle:

You will be required to specify your bicycle under the all-risks section and provide your insurer with the brand name of your bicycle, model of the bike and the proof of purchase (value) of your bicycle – usually the receipt will be sufficient.

For second-hand bicycles it is best to get a proper valuation from a reputable bicycle dealer.

Always include additional equipment or improvements into the equation when calculating an insured amount.

When you use your bicycle for sporting events you will be required to:

One insurance company’s policies will invariably differ from the next.

Most of the cover damage during races will be covered if you are an amateur but for sporting events there might be exclusions, therefore enquire whether this is taken care of.

Always consult your insurance service provider prior to cycling events to ensure you are covered from the outset.

Understand the ins and outs of bicycle insurance to avoid a spoke in the wheel whether you cycle professionally or simply for pleasure.

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