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Bicycle Insurance

Make sure your bicycle and cycling equipment are insured

How to Get the Best Bicycle Insurance for You

Cyclists love their bikes, and we love cyclists. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to get bicycle insurance quotes for free in just a few minutes! Now bikers can rest easy knowing their wheels are covered against the unforeseen.

What is Bicycle Insurance?

This type of insurance covers your bicycle and its equipment against common risks. These risks can include acts of nature like hailstorms, floods, landslides, and more. They can also include fires, explosions, theft, vandalism, and even accidents. Some standalone bicycle insurance policies also include cover for third-party liability involving your bike. 

Not all policies are alike. Each insurer will offer you different forms and levels of cover. It’s up to you to find out which options are best and which cover is most suited to your budget and needs.

In return for this cover, you pay a monthly premium. Some household contents insurance policies include bikes in their cover, but not all. This cover is usually only against theft if your bike is stolen from your home. In South Africa, you can find insurers who offer bicycle insurance as a standalone insurance policy.

Insurance companies may require that your bike be covered under an all-risk policy. This is because they may view it as a bigger risk than something you don’t take out often. To find out what kind of bicycle cover your current policy provides, you can speak to the insurance provider. Or you can compare quotes using our online form to find an even better offer!

Is Bicycle Insurance Really Necessary?

Given the cost of bikes and cycling gear in South Africa? Yes, it is necessary. Whether you bike for leisure or race often, you’ll need cover to protect you and your equipment should an accident or unforeseen event occur. 

How Does Specialist Bike Insurance Work?

Specialist bicycle insurance is made for professional cyclists. It covers lost race fees when the cyclist cannot compete, added bike accessories, minor and major personal accident injuries and damages, public liabilities like driving into an onlooker, roadside assistance, and even cycling clothing! Sometimes your policy may require you to pay an excess when you claim.

Where to Get Free Bicycle Insurance Quotes

Get them with us! We don’t charge you anything, ever. We’ve got great connections to the top South African insurance companies, and our process is ridiculously easy. You won’t even have to spend airtime! Just fill in our form, and a reputable insurance provider will call you with quotes!

What You Need to Know About Cycling Insurance in South Africa

When you insure your bike, your insurance provider will want all the details about it. The brand, the make and model, the tyre measurements, and more. They will want proof of purchase, something like a receipt. 

If you’re insuring a second-hand bicycle, they may want more details. In that case, you can get a valuation from a reputable bicycle dealer to send to your insurer. Remember to list all your equipment and accessories along with their values and proofs of purchase. In this way, you can calculate the true value of your bike along with its improvements and ensure your cover is adequate.

Bicycle insurance is useful for sporting events. When you’re getting this type of cover specifically for a sporting event, most of the damage that may occur is going to be covered. But there may be exclusions, and these are important to take note of. It is vital that you read the fine print of your policy to make sure you’re covered for events.

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