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Budget Business Insurance – Your Indemnity Cover Solution

Are you looking for the most comprehensive indemnity cover at the best prices? Look no further than Budget Business Insurance which has been around for decades.

Established in 1985, you will be pleased to learn that with a great, long-standing track record your office, buildings, cars, fleets and more will be covered by these professionals and should one of the many unfortunate eventualities happen to you or your employees or your business, you will enjoy peace of mind with the type of insurance cover on offer that will be tailored for your particular industry.

A variety of insurance packages and products are on offer with the right combinations of traditional cover to ensure that all types of businesses from across the board are taken care of comprehensively.

Your business will enjoy indemnity cover that will take care of your niche industry regardless of what type of operation you run.

For the business office:

  • Enjoy low premiums and excellent cover – this is particularly handy for those starting out or for small to medium enterprises.
  • Budget Business Insurance does not stop at small to medium enterprises either; regardless of the size of your business you will be able to save on your bottom line with affordable business insurance products created specifically with your business uppermost in mind.

For the tradesman in the field:

  • Many businesses are flexible and for those that don’t work from a bricks and mortar type of operation, this will mean that your “office” is one that is not only mobile, but one that you take with you on the road.
  • Budget Business Insurance offers excellent, comprehensive cover for all “businesses-on-the-go”.

And for all the other businesses that are neither office-based nor on-the-go:

  • You will get the cover you deserve if you run a Mom and Pop Shop, a butcher, hairdresser, florist or other.

Enjoy other benefits over and above the norm – these include 24-hour emergency assistance that will include labour, legal issues as well as computer problems.

Now you can enjoy low premiums with comprehensive cover through Budget Business Insurance – specifically designed to offer you bang for your buck.

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Business Insurance

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