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Hollard Insurance

Hollard Insurance offers a wide range of personal and business insurance products. Hollard insures you and everything you love, covering every aspect of your life. You might not get Hollard insurance, but Hollard gets you. They are the largest privately owned and independent insurance group in South Africa. Hollard insurance provides South Africans with a plethora of long and short-term insurance offerings across the board.

Hollard Personal Insurance Products

  • Hollard Funeral Insurance
  • Hollard Car Insurance
  • Hollard Home Insurance
  • Hollard Life Insurance

Additional Hollard Personal Insurance Products

  • Hollard Legal
  • Hollard Extended Car Warranty
  • Hollard Travel
  • Hollard Pet Insurance

Hollard Funeral Insurance

You can get Hollard Funeral Cover from R10,000 to R75,000. You can also add your partner, your children, parents and extended family members onto your funeral policy. Get 20% cash back with your cash back benefit. Your children will enjoy an extra R35,000 towards their university fees.

Hollard Car Insurance

Hollard offers a wide range of Car Insurance products. These include a fully comprehensive plan, affordable Lite Cover and Limited Cover options. Other Hollard Car Insurance products offered include 3rd Party Insurance, Extended Car Warranty, and Long-Term Storage cover.

Hollard Home Insurance

Get insurance for the stuff you love from Hollard Home Insurance. Your household contents are more than just things; they are part and parcel of who you are and what makes your life special. Hollard Home Insurance will cover you should you need to replace or repair your household items if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Hollard Life Insurance

Hollard Life Insurance offers life insurance cover with the least exclusions in the insurance industry. Life insurance through Hollard is flexible. You can add Critical Illness and Disability cover for when you become ill or disabled and cannot continue working. The Hollard Health Assist plan has been created to assist with day-to-day expenses while you are in hospital, and the Hollard Specialist Life product will pay out on death should you die from an accident.

Hollard Business Insurance

It makes little difference whether you run a large corporation or have a small to medium-sized business, Hollard Business Insurance will tailor your insurance needs to fit your industry regardless of size. That’s why Hollard appreciates the long-term value of giving all Hollard brokers specialist back-up support and the best in risk assessment and management.

Hollard Business Products

Hollard Specialist Sector Insurance

  • Agriculture
  • Trucking
  • Tax Risk Insurance
  • Art & Antiques
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Film Guarantors
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Marine
  • Hollard Corporate
  • Trade & Construction
  • Drone
  • Vet Protect
  • Risk Finance
  • Trade Credit
  • Commuter Taxi & Bus Insurance

Hollard Commercial Insurance

The Hollard broker network offers commercial insurance resolutions designed to protect your business.

Hollard Commercial Insurance Offers

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Hollard Liability Insurance

Hollard Liability Insurance protects your business from risks such as damage to your premises and injuries to employees.

Hollard Liability Insurance Covers

  • General Liabilities
  • Specialist Liabilities

Risk Management Services

Hollard offers specialist risk management services that cover risk management, risk finance and risk improvement solutions.

Employee Related Cover

Retain talent and improve your employees’ benefits with alternative risk solutions, retirement funds, and employer and affinity groups.

Added Benefits

  • Accident & Health Benefits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Hollard Cigna Health
  • Specialist Life Cover

Hollard insurance is available directly or through a broker. Hollard cares about insuring you and your business and everything you love.

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