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Dial Direct Motor Warranty

Find out everything you need to know about Dial Direct Motor Warranty plans in South Africa, including how they work and what they cover.

Although Dial Direct is an insurer most well known for their affordable car and home insurance, they offer many other financial services and products. One of these is the ability to cover your car for mechanical or electrical failures. You can now get a Dial Direct Motor Warranty for your pre-owned or new vehicle.

What is a Dial Direct Motor Warranty?

The Dial Direct motor warranty is similar to many warranties you can find in South Africa. It’s not car insurance, so it won’t cover you for accidents and accidental damage. It works just like the warranty car owners receive from the vehicle manufacturers, except that the insurance company is offering it.

The warranty company will explain in detail which parts and kinds of damage they cover for your vehicle in their policy document. Should such damage occur to specified parts, the insurer will then pay to replace or repair the parts under warranty.

How does a Dial Direct Car Warranty Work?

When you buy a Dial Direct warranty, you pay a monthly premium. In return, the insurance company gives you cover for mechanical breakdowns or sometimes for electrical breakdowns, too. They cover only specific parts under specific conditions. For example, the extended warranty will only cover parts until the vehicle has driven 250,000km from the date the policy was purchased.

Dial Direct offers two types of warranty for South African drivers and car owners. You can get a policy for your new vehicle called an extended motor warranty, or you can get a warranty designed for used cars. Both will help protect you financially if your car or its parts fail when they should still be operating well.

What Does a Dial Direct Mechanical Warranty Cover?

It’s important to note that a car warranty rarely covers the costs of damage because of regular wear and tear or a lack of maintenance. For example, if your wiper blades have deteriorated or your brakes need to be replaced, these aren’t usually covered by a warranty. If you are looking for a way to cover the costs for all repairs you will ever need to make, a warranty will form part of that plan, but you will need additional components to complete your cover.

A Dial Direct warranty only covers the parts mentioned in the policy documents for damage or loss because of a mechanical breakdown or electrical breakdown. This excludes wear and tear, maintenance, and damage caused in an accident. To cover these types of events, you will need comprehensive car insurance, a service maintenance plan or other types of service plans, and added extras like cover for dents and scratches.

Warranty insurance companies often offer a range of options for your cover. The great thing about getting a warranty from Dial Direct is that you can get cheap insurance cover from them too. Comprehensive insurance will give you peace of mind should your vehicle experience accidental damage.

Dial Direct Warranty Plan Options in South Africa

You can get extended warranties and pre-owned warranties from Dial Direct.

Dial Direct Better Extend Warranties

To qualify for a better extend 1, 2, 3, or 4 warranty, your car should have less than 120,000km on the odometer. You’ll then get cover for a further 24 months after your manufacturer’s warranty expires, extending the warranty period that your car is covered for. Your vehicle needs to be maintained and serviced, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This warranty covers cambelt failure, your car’s clutch, differential unit, air conditioner, braking system, cooling system, CV joints, engine, fuel system, transmission, management system, CV joints, electrical components, electronic ignition, front wheel drive unit, steering mechanism, prop shaft, and turbo assembly. In addition to covering these parts, it will also cover you if your car overheats and is consequentially damaged.

The warranty will cover towing charges for valid claims and the cost of renting a car for 2 days. If your car breaks down further than 300km away from where you live, you can get accommodation costs covered too.

Dial Direct Better Drive Warranties

If your car isn’t new, you can still get a warranty for it. Cars less than 7 years or with less than 120,000km on the clock qualify for Better Drive 1. Cars less than 9 years old with less than 160,000km on the clock qualify for Better Drive 2. Better Drive 3 is for cars with less than 220,000km on the clock that are less than 10 years old, and Better drive 4 is for all cars that don’t qualify for any of the above.

The amount of cover for each option changes based on the policy wording, but it covers the same parts that the extended warranty does. Be sure to read through the exclusions in the policy before signing. In order for your repairs to be covered, you will need pre-authorisation. If you need to make a claim on weekends or public holidays, Dial Direct allows you to report the claim on the first working day after the claim. If you don’t report it, they may reject your claim.


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