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Momentum Car Insurance

Find out everything you need to know about Momentum car insurance if you are considering getting cover for your vehicle with this South African insurer. We look at the benefits and ratings of their offering below.

Who is Momentum Insure?

Momentum Insure was started in 1966, and through strategic acquisitions, became known as the Momentum Assurance Corporation thereafter. The company aims to create a more secure future for the families and individuals of South Africa. Along with insurance products, the company offers client services like financial advice and support.

With their range of traditional insurance policies, Momentum tries to cater to each individual’s need for customised financial solutions. Their policies include insurance for cars, trailers, caravans, motorbikes and bicycles, buildings, home contents, and portable possessions.

With no hidden costs and guaranteed premiums for 12 months, whether you claim or not, Momentum aims to be your number one choice for a reliable car insurer. They also offer building insurance and contents insurance along with their car cover as one bundled solution. This means you can insure your car, home, and valuables in one affordable policy.

How Does their Car Cover Work?

On your journey to success, your car will face many perils. Momentum’s car insurance products have been created to give you competitive solutions and comprehensive cover.

Momentum insure offers customers policy options that include both home and car cover. You can choose cover for yourself and your family or you can get business insurance solutions tailored to your unique corporate needs.

What Does Momentum Car Insurance Cover?

Get cover for loss, damage, theft, and more with Momentum Insure for your car or vehicle. Some policies include a personal chauffer should your car be damaged in an accident. Others include a panic button feature.

Momentum Select Car Cover

With this policy, you can insure cars, trailers, motorcycles, caravans, and watercraft such as boats. There is no excess for damaged sound equipment or windscreen repair.

Momentum Priceless Car Cover

This plan offers more comprehensive cover for the same types of vehicles covered by Momentum Select. On all car insurance policies, you can choose to combine it with personal insurance such as home contents and portable possessions insurance.

Momentum Envoy Car Insurance

This plan is ideal for collector cars and the other types of vehicles covered by the above policy options. After your vehicle gets repaired due to an insured peril, this plan includes its delivery. It also includes an assessment of your vehicle at your workplace or home.

How to Submit a Momentum Car Insurance Claim

Momentum Insure’s claims process is not complicated. You can claim for any short-term insurance policy you have with them through their App or contact centre. You can even send an email to get the process started. A claims expert will let you know what information they need from you and what the next steps will be once you have contacted them.

What Are the Momentum Car Insurance Benefits?

Momentum insure is an insurance company built on sound insurance ethics. With the goal of truly benefitting their members, they have created rewards and benefits that will enrich policyholders’ lives.

  • Enjoy free 24-hour roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.
  • you can also get free emergency services for emergencies at home or at the office any time of day or night.
  • Momentum Assist also includes legal assistance for legal emergencies and medical assistance for medical emergencies.
  • If you find yourself in an incident which you need to claim for, Momentum will provide you with a hired vehicle for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Your car can be insured at retail value, along with the option of insuring it at market value.
  • Momentum’s excess fees are fixed, and, as such, you are guaranteed to have no hidden costs when claiming.
  • Their Safe Dayz™ benefit scores your driving safety through the Momentum App, and if your safety score is above 60% consistently, you can earn a safe day. You can even earn when you aren’t driving, as long as the GPS on your mobile device is switched on in the settings.
  • You can earn up to 30% cash back with Momentum Insure’s safety bonus even if you claim in a year based on your safety score questionnaire, how many safe days you earn, and your Multiply status.
  • You can choose to add the optional Multiply Rewarder benefit to your policy. This benefit rewards you with up to 15% of your premiums back in cash if you stay claim free for 4 years.
  • The Momentum safety alert on their app is designed to protect you. With it, you or a second nominated person can contact armed responders any day, any time. It also includes real-time data about the movements and position of the armed responders on a map.

Is Momentum Car Cover Worth It?

You can compare momentum car insurance reviews online for an unbiased public opinion of the brand. on HelloPeter, they score 9.1 out of 10 on the trust index and are ranked eighth in the South African car insurance sector.

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