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OUTsurance Home Insurance

The signature of OUTsurance is their OUTbonus. Proud pioneers of the concept of receiving money back when you remain claim free, OUTsurance says they pay out R1 million each day in OUTbonuses. OUTsurance is owned by Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Limited and is known as a stable and trustworthy South African insurance provider.

OUTsurance began by offering car and home insurance solutions to the South African public. Since then, their offers have grown to include life insurance, business insurance, and more. OUTsurance boasts cheaper premiums because they cut out the broker fee and underwrite risk profiles based on each individual’s risk. They also guarantee fixed premiums for 12 months at a time.

What are OUTsurance’s Home Insurance Offers?

You can choose from three insurance options – buildings insurance, contents insurance, and portable possessions insurance. As each plan covers different things, many people opt for getting all three.

OUTsurance Home Buildings Insurance

If you are buying a house or paying off a home loan, your bank or loan provider will insist that you have this kind of insurance. Home Buildings Insurance from OUTsurance covers possible unforeseen events that could result in damage to the physical structure of your house. The insured events in this policy include damage caused by leaking pressurised pipes, explosions, subsidence, and acts of nature.

In addition to the above, OUTsurance covers the cost of calling out the fire brigade. They will also arrange accommodation for you if your house is so damaged by an insured event that it can’t be lived. This plan includes a benefit that provides cover should accidental damage occur to fixed glass and sanitary ware in your home. It also includes cover for lightning surge protection and utilities connections between your home and the municipality’s supply lines.

Benefits of OUTsurance Buildings Insurance

Get access to further benefits like roadside assistance, home assistance, and legal and medical assistance. OUTsurance works with approved service providers to ensure repairs are done according to standard and in good time.

OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

The second offer from OUTsurance is their Home Contents Insurance plan. This insurance plan covers the contents of your home and not the building itself. Think appliances, furniture, valuables, and even décor. Insured events include fire, lightning storms, hail, floods, theft, intentional damage, power surges, and burst geysers. If your possessions are damaged, lost, or stolen due to one of these events, OUTsurance Home Content Insurance will cover it.

Benefits of OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance

With OUTsurance Home Contents Insurance, you can enjoy benefits like cover for lost keys or cover for groceries when the power goes out. You also get access to 24/7 emergency home & roadside assistance, and medical & legal assistance.

OUTsurance Portable Possessions Insurance (Also Called OUT-and-About)

Portable possessions insurance protects your movable valuables on the insurance policy from loss and damage. Think laptops, smart devices, jewellery, and costly movable personal equipment. OUTsurance’s OUT-and-About insurance plan covers your belongings whether you’re travelling with them to work or around the world.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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