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Legal cover is important for individuals and companies in South Africa. Legal costs can quickly add up to exorbitant amounts. That’s why it is a good idea to choose a legal cover plan that can help you pay these fees.

What is Personal Legal Cover?

Legal insurance cover is a specific kind of insurance product that can help protect your finances from unforeseen legal costs. It’s available through South African insurance companies such as Bidvest, Legalwise, Scorpion and Clientele Legal.

It can cover court fees and the costs of getting legal assistance. Legal insurance can also cover settlement amounts and the costs of defence or proceedings involving claims brought against you for damages to property, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and repairs or replacement of damaged goods.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Personal Legal Insurance?

Legal Cover can help protect you from financial ruin if an accident happens to you or someone else, or if you get sued for something you did wrong. It also helps provide some degree of comfort for those who are involved in the event. There are many benefits to having personal legal protection. These include:

  • Peace of mind
  • Protection for your family
  • Protection for your business
  • Protection for your assets
  • Legal advice for you and your family
  • Legal assistance available 24/7 for any emergency
  • Access to telephonic and face-to-face consultations

Who Needs Legal Cover?

Legal cover can protect you from being sued by providing you with legal representation if you become involved in an accident, lose your job because of unfair dismissal, or get injured because someone else’s negligence caused the injury. Often, legal cover can include free advice and help if you are getting a divorce, have labour-related challenges, or are facing criminal charges, too.

If you want to know if you should buy personal legal cover, ask yourself why you might need it? Are you married? If you ever face divorce, this type of cover could be very useful.

Do you own property? If you need help with civil matters, legal cover could help. And what if someone accuses you of committing a crime? Having legal aid could be invaluable to you.

Are there any debts that you owe? Have you ever had an accident? What about a lawsuit against you? Legal cover is inexpensive, easy to get, and it protects you from many types of lawsuits. It also helps protect your assets.

Finding the Right Policy for You

Each policy differs and offers cover for different legal matters. The legal services you require or want cover for can help you decide which policy to choose. Some policies have longer waiting periods or more exclusions.

What Does Personal Legal Insurance Cover?

Cover often differs. Some plans allow you to include extended family members in your cover. You can look for these cover points when choosing which insurance company to go with:

  • Criminal matters such as minor crime, fraud, public violence, housebreaking, and more.
  • Civil Matters such as rental disputes, breach of contract, and setting up commercial contracts.
  • Labour matters such as unfair dismissal, discrimination, and employment contracts.
  • Family matters, such as uncontested divorce, child custody disputes, and setting up ante-nuptial contracts.
  • Debt collection, contractual breaches, and other business-related matters.
  • Unlimited access to professional advice regarding legal matters, sometimes including an online consultation or access to telephonic legal advisors.
  • Bail assistance when you’ve been arrested or are stuck at the police station. Some plans limit the amount of bail cover and assistance you can get.

With the right cover, you can get legal assistance from qualified lawyers, help with bail applications, and protection for your legal rights. When legal disputes arise, the monthly premium you pay will seem like a worthwhile investment.

How Much Does Legal Cover Cost?

Compared to the costs involved in defending against legal action, the monthly premiums for these types of policies are very low. If you want to stop stressing about the implications of any possible legal issues that may arise in your life, this type of cover is worthwhile.

In South Africa, we have such a competitive insurance environment that you’re likely to find an affordable legal policy with all the cover you need. A legal insurance policy costs less when it offers less cover.

How to Get Legal Cover Today?

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