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Sasfin Insurance

Is productivity suffering because your employees are so disappointed with their medical aid? Nothing more indifferent than an employee who can’t get that elective cosmetic surgery, right? Then you need Sasfin’s advice. Founded in 1951 by Sydney Sassoon, Sasfin provides entrepreneurs and investors with a range of financial products from risk and wealth management to business banking and capital finance. This range of products by Sasfin can be combined to provide a complete solution for business clients.

Their risk management services include short-term insurance, freight services and healthcare consulting, so you don’t waste your business’s time on secondary, instead of core, functions.

Sasfin short-term insurance

Given that Sasfin was founded specifically to address the needs of entrepreneurs, their range of brokered short-term products covers businesses and the entrepreneurs and corporate managers behind them. As entrepreneurs personal risk is intricately connected to the wellbeing of their companies, Sasfin is a one stop personal and business insurance shop.

Their brokered products include personal domestic, commercial, corporate, marine, transit and industrial insurance for a range of small to medium enterprises. They also provide professional and directors’ liability insurance and personal accident and injury cover for their clients.

Sasfin healthcare consulting

Because the healthcare industry is intentionally confusing to make comparing products impossible, Sasfin provide consulting services in this area. While healthcare for entrepreneurs and their employees is important, it should detract too much attention away from your business’s core function. Sasfin’s consultants will be able to advise you regarding healthcare issues, from opting into medical aids to adjusting to changes in medical legislation. You wouldn’t want to lose key members of your business to competitors who have better healthcare benefits, are they right?

Sasfin freight services

One of their competitive advantages is Sasfin’s specialty in freight services including international freight forwarding, customs-clearing, warehousing and distribution and logistics management. For those business whose focus is international trade (imports and exports), the freight service is invaluable. Sasfin will help you plan, cost, route and control your products both coming into and leaving the country. Their global resources enable them to provide such a service almost anywhere in the world.

Sasfin’s range of products, though, are available through their broker division. For more information on their services, visit the Sasfin website. To get a range of business insurance quotes, why not fill in our form on this page and wait a few minutes for an insurance representative to call you.

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