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Modern and royal, King Price Car Insurance is the newest entrant in the direct short-term insurance market, but unlike other insurance companies, Kings Insurance takes your car’s depreciation into account when you pay premiums and doesn’t charge you extra to cover a cash-back bonus. King Price Insurance boast the cheapest prices in the short-term market, because when it comes to insurance, price is king.

No one wants to pay more than they have to for a product they may never use. While brokered insurance companies will tell you that cheaper insurance premiums are indication of under-insurance, King Price Insurance will tell you not to pay for cover you don’t need, like hail cover or car hire (unless you want to). Here’s how Kings Insurance offers the cheapest premiums:

Decreasing monthly premium

King Price Insurance factors your car’s depreciation into the monthly premiums. As your car depreciates, so does your insurance premium. This is a first in the South African short-term market, where insurance premiums usually increase every year as a result of the increasing cost to repair vehicles. Insurers also place the onus on insureds to factor in their vehicle’s depreciation, while Kings insurance automatically adjusts premiums.

Discounted premiums immediately

King Price Insurance doesn’t offer a cash back bonus, but instead provide cheaper insurance premiums from the commencement of a policy. Insurance companies factor in cash-back bonuses when they calculate insurance premiums, so you are, in effect, paying yourself back for a higher premium. What’s more, cash-back bonuses are not guaranteed either. If you claim on your policy, you lose this money.

Unnecessary extras

Most insurance policies come with a range of additional clauses to cover a range of perils that are unlikely to occur to you. Reducing cover to essentials enables King Price to offer cheaper premiums. Insurance, after all, is not about how much cover you can afford, but which perils you can afford to cover yourself.

King Price insurance offer car, home contents, buildings, portable possessions, trailer and caravan insurance.

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