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New National Insurance

Are you in search of an insurance provider that combines decades of experience with a commitment to proudly serving the South African community? Keep reading… 

Can New National Assurance Safeguard Your Assets?

 New National Assurance, a pioneer as the first black-owned short-term insurance provider in South Africa, offers an extensive array of insurance solutions to protect both businesses and individuals.

What Makes New National Assurance Stand Out?

New National Assurance has been at the forefront of the insurance industry for 45 years, bringing innovation and dedicated service to the South African market. Their unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive business and personal insurance is a testament to their reputation. Let’s explore what sets them apart and how they can safeguard your assets.

How Do They Protect What Matters?

Homeowner’s Insurance

Are you looking to secure your most significant investment? New National Assurance’s homeowner’s insurance offers a safety net for your home. With this coverage, your home is shielded against a variety of risks, ensuring you can bounce back from unexpected events like natural disasters or theft. Always read your contract of insurance to know what’s covered.

Householder’s Insurance

When it comes to safeguarding your home’s contents, householder’s insurance is indispensable. Whether it’s your prized possessions, furniture, or electronic gadgets, this insurance provides protection against loss or damage, allowing you to protect your valuable assets.

All Risks Insurance

For your high-value items such as jewellery, electronics, or cameras, New National Assurance offers all risks insurance. This coverage goes beyond standard household insurance, extending protection to a broader range of risks that your valuable possessions might face.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Your vehicles deserve top-notch protection, and that’s precisely what motor vehicle insurance from New National Assurance delivers. Whether you’re driving a car, a motorcycle, or any other vehicle, this insurance ensures you’re covered in the event of accidents or damage.


Do They Offer Business Insurance?

New National Business Insurance has been serving the South African community for over four decades. As a proudly South African insurance service provider, they offer comprehensive coverage for various business risks, particularly in specialised sectors.

New National Marine Insurance

When it comes to safeguarding cargo transported by sea, New National Marine Insurance is the answer. Any further specialised products under this category are underwritten by Savannah Marine, assuring you that your maritime assets are in secure hands.

New National Engineering Insurance

New National Assurance recognises that construction is a driving force behind South Africa’s prosperity. Their engineering insurance, underwritten by AC&E Engineering, covers construction-related risks, ensuring that your projects remain on solid ground.

New National Commercial Insurance

New National Commercial Insurance is a versatile solution that protects businesses from a wide range of risks. This insurance coverage encompasses protection against fire and allied perils. It also includes physical loss, damage to buildings and property, and more. Their insurance products also include a Business Combined Policy, covering building and property owner liability or loss of rent. The insurance coverage extends to goods in transit, business interruption, and accounts for damages or losses caused by burglary. The New National Business All Risk Plan also covers movable property. This makes it an excellent cover option.

New National Professional Indemnity & Broadform Liability Insurance

Shield yourself and your business from the financial burdens of litigation costs brought about by third parties with New National Professional Indemnity & Broadform Liability Insurance. This coverage provides essential protection to professionals and businesses facing potential legal challenges.

New National Wildlife Insurance

In a country with a thriving wildlife industry, the insurance company has developed insurance products designed to cover all aspects related to wildlife. This comprehensive all-risk cover is flexible, making it a valuable choice for those involved in breeding, buying, and selling game.

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