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New National

Head Office

Telephone: (031) 334 2000
Fax: (031) 301 1166
Field House, 25 Joe Slovo Street, Durban 4001

Gauteng Office

Telephone: (011) 646 7456
33 Oxford Road, Forest Town, Johannesburg 2193

New National Insurance

When it comes to insurance, you have to BEE careful, or so say New National Assurance, the first fully black-owned short-term insurance provider in South Africa. Beginning 40 years ago, New National provides a range of comprehensive business insurance policies and personal lines insurance.

Through a range of professional brokers, such as  AON, Alexander Forbes and bank insurers, the provide short-term insurance to businesses in the fields of construction, maritime, and engineering, as well as motor, home and personal liability insurance.

New National insurance for construction, maritime and engineering

No matter the stage of construction, New National Assurance has cover to cater for the perils threatening your business, from civil and engineering work, erection all risks insurance and plant all risks insurance for equipment and machinery at a construction site. They also include contractors’ liability insurance for third-party cover.

New National protect those companies in maritime and those that make use of such. Hull insurance protects the actual watercraft that transports goods, while the goods in transit policy protects the cargo.
As with businesses in maritime, engineers require specialist policies. New National’s engineering insuranceincludes cover for electronic equipment, recovery of lost data, additional expenses incurred as a result of personal injury or loss of equipment, machinery and deterioration of stock.

New National insurance for businesses

A range of business insurance policies can be combined to create a comprehensive business portfolio. New National Assurance provide policies for employee dishonesty to protect the company against unscrupulous employees, public liability, defective workmanship (should loss result from poor repairs or services), product liability and employer liability.

New National insurance for individuals

While they have a range of products for businesses and large organizations in very specific fields, New National also provide cover for individuals, namely personal motor insurance, homeowners insurance, personal all risk cover and personal legal liability (for protection against legal damages in the event that the policyholder causes another accidental injury or death or their damage to their property).
As the policies are brokered, they are customizable to the needs of the insurer. To find a broker for New National, visit their website. Don’t forget to come back and compare their offerings with other insurers in the market.

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