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Dial Direct Legal insurance

Are you looking for family legal protection in South Africa? Dial Direct Insurance Ltd offers legal cover that could put your mind at ease! Find out more about their cover and how it works below.

What is Dial Direct Legal Insurance?

Dial Direct Insurance is a South African insurance company that forms part of the Telesure Insurance Holdings Group. Along with a range of products including comprehensive car insurance and business insurance, they also offer South Africans legal cover. You can get short-term insurance cover from this insurer for your legal needs at a competitive rate.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Legal Cover?

It takes clever thinking to realise that getting legal insurance now is wise. It’s better to get cover now, rather than waiting until an unforeseen event costs you thousands of Rands. You may not think legal costs are a concern for you or that you will ever need representation in court, but this is a real risk every South African faces.

Claim pay-outs from the Dialdirect Insurance legal policy can cover expensive legal costs. You can also get access to free legal advice and other legal services.

How Does it Work?

You can start by getting a legal insurance quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can speak to the insurer, who will send you policy documents to sign. They may require documents from you. After you have signed, the insurer will also sign.

At this point, your insurance policy becomes active. This is called the commencement date. From this point, you can access legal assistance and the services for perils detailed in the documents you have signed. The policy will also contain details about conditions and exclusions that may apply to your cover.

How to Claim My Legal Costs

You can contact the dial direct legal department for legal aid or to discuss the payment of legal costs. You can also use the dial direct app to contact the insurer and begin the claims process.

Dial Direct Legal Insurance Cover Options

You don’t have to struggle with the financial strain of unexpected legal proceedings. Dial Direct’s legal cover options can help. They offer cover for a range of legal matters.

These are the benefits you get access to if you have a Dial Direct legal Insurance Policy:

  • Unlimited access to legal advice over the phone for any private and labour related matters, even if the matter began before your commencement date.
  • Thanks to their mediation benefit, you can get access to unlimited cover for mediation assistance for personal, criminal, family, labour, and civil matters.
  • You can get legal representation and litigation benefits up to a limited amount per year. This amount is detailed in your policy and depends on the litigation benefit option you choose.
  • You can get help from registered tax practitioners with submitting your yearly tax returns. They can also give you advice about salary structuring, audits, and dispute resolution with SARS.
  • You automatically get cover for yourself, your spouse, and up to four dependent children. These children must be under 25, unmarried, and unemployed.

Other Products on offer from Dial Direct

You can get business insurance which includes liability cover from this insurer. If a third-party institutes personal injury claims against your business, this policy should cover the costs involved.

You can get Dial Direct contents insurance for your home or Dial Direct Office insurance to protect the immovable and movable assets in each location.

They also offer motor insurance such as off-road car insurance or third-part cover for accidental damage.

If you want legal cover that is convenient and affordable, you do not have to contact insurance companies and search for the best deal. Instead, you can just fill in the form at the top of this page. Our high-tech system will match you with the ideal insurer for your needs, and they will contact you!

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