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MiWay Insurance

MiWay Insurance is backed by Sanlam Life Insurance, a division of one of the country’s largest and most trusted insurance groups, offering quality, innovation, and affordable insurance to South Africans across the board. MiWay offers customers long-term insurance and a range of short-term insurance products including motor, household, homeowners, and business insurance cover.

MiWay Products

MiWay Long-Term Insurance

MiWay Short-Term Insurance

  • MiWay Motor Insurance
  • MiWay Home Contents Insurance
  • MiWay Buildings Insurance
  • MiWay Business Insurance

MiWay Life Insurance with Funeral Cover

MiWay Life Insurance understands that South Africans from all walks of life buy life insurance to provide for the people in their lives. MiWay Life Insurance ensures that those left behind are taken care of financially and are able to give you and those you love an honourable send-off with the MiWay Funeral Cover.

With the innovative MiWay re-imagined product offering, MiWay ensures that everyday South Africans have access to comprehensive life and funeral cover, which means that all South Africans can enjoy even more financial security.

Policyholders can add other individuals to their policies, such as their partners or spouses, siblings, in-laws, nephews, nieces, cousins and other members of their extended family. All this for one reduced monthly premium, plus there is no need for separate life and funeral cover, which translates into less admin. MiWay Insurance is affordable and easy for everyone.

MiWay Short-Term Insurance

Mi-Way Motor Vehicle Insurance

Safeguard yourself against unforeseen vehicle emergencies with MiWay’s comprehensive, cost-effective, flexible cover. Customise your car insurance quote to suit your needs.

MiWay Household Contents Insurance 

MiWay offers insurance for all the contents in your home at affordable prices and includes all risk insurance cover.

MiWay Buildings Insurance

Cover the bricks and mortar of your home with MiWay’s comprehensive Buildings Insurance.

MiWay Business Insurance

MiWay’s Business Insurance team is serious about providing comprehensive business insurance with the same world-class service you’re accustomed to from MiWay. MiWay’s team will be happy to help you find the right business insurance cover for your business, regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Business Insurance Products

  • Business Property
  • Business Vehicle
  • Business Interruption
  • Staff Dishonesty
  • All Risk
  • Broad Form Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • MiBusiness Assist

MiWay rewards you for doing things online! By applying for (and taking out) your insurance policy online, MiWay will pay you an average full month’s premium after 3 months’ full premiums are received. Ts & Cs apply. You will receive a discount when adding additional products to your cover. The discount will vary depending on the combination of products you choose. Should the combination change in the future, the discount may change or fall away.

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Business Insurance
Business Insurance

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Life Insurance
Life Insurance

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Car Insurance

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Funeral Cover

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