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Affinity Health

Most South Africans find having medical aid or medical cover of any descriptions beyond their reach – that is the reason why Affinity Health have come up with smart affordable options and plans to ensure the whole medical aspect of our lives can be taken care of at prices we can now afford.

Enjoy the benefits of the products that you are easily able to invest in to give you and your family that certain peace of mind.

Affinity Health for Affordable Medical Cover

Benefits you will enjoy with the Affinity Hospital Plan:

  • Starting from R615 per month per member you can enjoy this cover.
  • Your hospitalisation will be covered if this is a result of any illness either severe or other, accidents and maternity.
  • You will enjoy a daily cash benefit cover which is for hospitalisation.
  • For emergencies you are now guaranteed hospital admission – and though this might seem pretty obvious, private hospitals are sticky when it comes to being paid and if you don’t have the right medical cover they have been known to turn patients away! This is a disconcerting fact of what it is like not to have the right type of medical cover in South Africa.
  • Affinity Hospital cover includes permanent disability and accidental death lump sum pay-outs.

You will be able to protect your children with personalised cover with Affinity Junior:

  • From as little as R443 per month per member you will be able to enjoy these benefits:
  • Enjoy basic dentistry and basic optometry.
  • Specialist consultations.
  • 24-hour emergency services.
  • Unlimited doctor’s visits.

Kids are expensive, therefore it is advisable to ensure they have sufficient medical cover.

Your day to day cover will start from R468 per member every month – this is what you can expect to get:

  • You will now be able to enjoy unlimited doctors’ visits and meds for general daily maladies.
  • Enjoy cover for basic medical benefits such as blood tests and x-rays which are unlimited, basic dentistry, and unlimited network GP visits.
  • Additionally, access to a nationwide network of medical professionals will be at your fingertips.

For those individuals wanting a comprehensive medical aid at affordable prices, look no further than Affinity Health which will offer you medical cover that will ensure you and your family are taken care of.

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