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King Price Motor Warranty

King Price claims the crown for affordable and excellent cover. Learn more about King Price motor warranty products and the insurer itself here.

Who is King Price Insurance?

King Price is an insurance company that is reinsured by Munich RE and sells motor warranties to drivers in South Africa. Gideon Galloway founded the company in 2012 with the aim of bringing affordable and comprehensive cover solutions to everyday South Africans. What followed was revolutionary first-of-their-kind car warranty products that shook the insurance industry.

How Do King Price’s Motor Warranties Work?

The King is known for its car insurance premiums that decrease monthly and the epic R1 insurance that hit the market in August 2013. But what about motor warranties – can you get a King Price motor warranty that is cheaper each month too? Technically, yes, but it won’t be like the car insurance you can get from them. You can select the right warranty for you based on your car’s value. If your car’s value drops to a lower bracket, you can contact them to change your plan and get a cheaper premium.

It’s well known that one’s vehicle constantly depreciates. King Price built their warranty products with that in mind. As your car ages, your warranty can cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns. You get peace of mind and save money!

To get a motor warranty with King Price, you will need to be someone who lives permanently in South Africa and be able to provide them with a full service history. Your car doesn’t have to be insured with them, or even be insured at all. As long as you own it, you can buy warranty cover from them.

King Price Car Warranty Options

In 2012, King Price insurance began by offering short-term cover for your car that gets cheaper each month. Today, their short-term offering includes motor warranty products too. Your premium and cover options depend on the value of your car. The lower its value, the less you need to pay each month. But your cover may also be less extensive.

Motor Warranty for a Car Worth R0 – R100,000:

This plan is for cars with less than 200,000km on the clock. It covers your engine, differential, gearbox, cambelt, overheating, and turbo up to a certain amount. An excess may apply for claims relating to your engine. This plan doesn’t cover your car’s fuel system, electronic ignition, cooling system, clutch, electronic components, suspension, and over or under-fuelling your car.

Motor Warranty for a Car Worth R100,000 – R150,000:

This plan costs more, and it covers more too. Your car still needs to have less than 200,000km on the clock for the warranty to be valid. Mechanical failures due to overheating are covered, but not those due to over or under-fuelling your car. Your vehicle’s suspension, clutch, and fuel system still aren’t covered, but you get cover up to a certain amount for all the other items mentioned above.

Motor Warranty for a Car Worth R150,000 – R150,000:

Monthly premiums for this mechanical warranty are higher, but it also covers more. In order to qualify for this warranty, vehicles need to have less than 200,000km on the odometer. The repair cost for all the above faults are covered except clutch, suspension, and over- or under-fuelling. Yes, even overheating is covered.

Motor Warranty for a Car Worth R150,000 – R200,000:

A vehicle worth more than R200,000 with less than 200,000km on its odometer qualifies for the most expensive King Price Warranty cover. It includes cover for everything listed above except the clutch, over or under-fuelling, and suspension. The difference is that this plan’s cover is for greater amounts per part.

You can get Royal Service and unheard-of prices from South Africa’s dynamic short-term insurer, King Price. Your annual premiums could be lower while your smile is wider. Getting cover with the King of price just makes sense. Get the best motor warranty for your car today by filling in our online form for a FREE quote. You won’t have to worry about the cost of repairs with this royal car warranty.

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