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Dial Direct Insurance

South Africans can now get reliable and affordable cover from Dial Direct insurance for themselves, their loved ones, and their possessions. Find out more about Dial Direct here.

Who is Dial Direct Insurance?

Dial Direct insurance ltd is an authorised financial services provider that offers South Africans short-term and long-term insurance. Long-term products are underwritten by 1 Life. Dial Direct changed the industry by cutting out the middleman to simplify life for everyday South Africans.

Since their inception, they have continued to find new ways to make insurance simpler and better for their customers. Dial Direct strives to bring you cover that is simple, honest, and direct. They will even let you know what steps to take to ensure they can pay out your claim!

Who Owns Dial Direct?
Dial Direct forms part of Telesure Insurance Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a South African insurance company. The company began as a South African offshoot of the UK’s Dial Direct in 2003.

How Does Dial Direct Cover Work in South Africa?

The insurer and insured both sign a contract of insurance where the insured agrees to pay the insurer monthly in return for risk coverage that is detailed in the policy document. Drivers can, for example, get cover for their cars, should they experience vehicle theft or an accident. The insurer should pay out an amount of money to cover the costs of the tow truck and repair costs as long as there are no applicable exclusions.

Each policy will offer basic cover for a range of risks. Some policies will be more comprehensive than others. Things like your driving habits and the extent of your cover will influence the cost of your monthly payment.

What Types of Cover Can You Get with Dial Direct?

This insurer offers long-term and short-term cover, including life cover, comprehensive car insurance, business insurance, home building and home contents cover, and more. you can get a Dial Direct insurance quote on their website, or you can fill in the form at the top of this page, and your ideal insurer will contact you!


You can get comprehensive car cover or cover for third-party damage only. Dial Direct also offers comprehensive off-road car insurance that caters to the risks of owning an off-roader. With benefits including a Dialdirect Towline for towing and storage and 24/7 roadside assistance, Dial Direct Car offers clients the extra peace of mind they need and deserve when dealing with vehicle issues.

South Africa’s people can enjoy vehicle insurance options that include hail cover, theft, fire, liability cover, and more. Dialdirect also offers sound system cover and other optional extras their customers can choose to include in their cover. There is no need to worry about how you will pay for accident damage. When the unexpected happens, simply contact the Dial Direct call centre and submit your claim.

Home & Buildings

Dialdirect offers a policy that includes flood cover and covers your home against incidents such as theft, fire, malicious damage, and burst pipes. You can fix your home with claim pay-outs from your policy. You’ll also have access to emergency assistance that pays for service providers’ call-out fees, including plumbers, electricians, and more.


Whether you’re a florist, plumber, or a hairdresser, Dialdirect has you covered with the widest range of business insurance policies. They allow you to design an insurance package that considers your individual business needs. You can enjoy uninterrupted cover to put your mind at ease and protect your business. You won’t need to worry about flood damage or accidental damage and the costs involved in delays in your business operations.

Specialised products such as the Director’s and Officer’s Plan cover mistakes made in your professional capacity. A plan that helps you deal with the financial strain of defending a claim brought against you is made easier by partnering with the right service provider.


Dialdirect offers a wide range of products to cover your life. These are:

  • Dialdirect pure life – this is a comprehensive life cover policy.
  • Dialdirect dread disease –the insurer will pay a percentage of your cover amount, plus you will get cover for you and your selected loved ones for your whole life.
  • Dialdirect disability cover – you’ll be paid out a percentage of your cover amount if you become disabled, depending on your type of disability.

Dialdirect offers South Africans affordable cover for their cars, their homes, their businesses, and their lives. Get a Dial Direct insurance quote now to save on your monthly premiums.

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