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Women are equal to men, which is why OUTsurance have launched a women’s only top up insurance product. The new product launched by the direct insurer can be added to your current car insurance policy, if you’re a woman that is. The product offers more benefits to women who, according to the insurance company, are already a safer insurable risk. [email protected] includes the following benefits:

[email protected] [email protected]

Available to ladies on both the home insurance policy through OUTsurance, the [email protected] covers the callout fee and one hour labour of a handyman for home emergencies, such as plumbing, electrical and locksmith problems. [email protected] does not cover more labour or materials required to repair damage and the benefit is capped at R2 000 per annum.

[email protected] Trip Monitoring

Worried about driving alone for a long trip? [email protected] comes with a trip monitoring benefit which sees the insurance company get in touch with you at 30 or 60 minute intervals of a long trip to make sure you’re still okay. If you cannot be contacted, OUTsurance will contact the next of kin you specified and a towing operator, providing them with details of your route and the last point of contact.

[email protected] Handbag Cover

Given the high risk of smash and grabs, many insurance companies choose not to cover handbags. [email protected], on the other hand, provides handbag cover for more than just smash and grabs, but muggings as well. The bag and contents are covered to a value of R5 000 while documents such as ID books and driver’s licenses are covered for a value of R2 000.

[email protected] Grocery Cover

Any groceries stolen from a vehicle or in a vehicle which has been stolen, will be covered by OUTsurance. Groceries though, only get covered for three incidences per year, while the insurance company requires there to be visible signs of break in before they pay out.

[email protected] medical and legal assistance

The medical assistance from [email protected] includes emergency telephonic assistance as well as doctor dispatch fees, ambulances, and emergency medication as well as trauma counseling. Legal assistance includes advice on legal matters as well as drafting of certain legal documents such as contracts.

For the full range of benefits, which also include essential spa treatments, visit the OUTsurance website. To compare a range of insurance companies’ quotes, fill in our online form.

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