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Car Tracking

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Free Matrix Car Tracker Quotes in South Africa

Matrix Trackers are an easy way to track your vehicle and make sure that it is safe. If you’re a business owner or a parent, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Matrix Trackers can help with everything from vehicle recovery, which is tracking down stolen vehicles, to reducing theft and insurance costs. Find out how Matrix tracking products work, how to get them, and how they can benefit you.

Who is Matrix Car Tracker?

Matrix Car Tracking is the leading vehicle tracking company in South Africa. Providing car and fleet tracking solutions to a range of industries and customers, Matrix Car Tracking has been one of the fastest growing companies in South Africa over recent years.

The company was founded in 1996 through a love for technology and the potential for protecting people that technology offers. The company grew exponentially, and now forms part of MiX Telematics, a global leader in tracking devices, vehicle telematics, and comprehensive tracking systems.

Who Owns Matrix Car Tracking?

The CEO and found of MiX Telematics, Stefan Joselowitz, is also the owner of Matrix Car Track, since Matrix forms part of the MiX Telematics group.

Matrix Compare with other Tracking Companies in South Africa

How Does Matrix Compare with other Tracking Companies in South Africa?

Matrix is one of the most competitive and cost-effective tracking companies in South Africa. They have a team of highly skilled professionals, a network of regional scouts, and a range of state-of-the art equipment.

How Does Matrix Car Tracker Work?

Through Matrix, you can get a comprehensive tracking solution or a more basic vehicle tracking solution. They offer a safety app that tracks your car in real-time with their plans, along with a list of benefits and services. Their tracking services can provide you with peace of mind and help you find your car if it’s misplaced or stolen.

Benefits of Matrix Car Trackers

  • Get free installation of your flawless tracking device for individual or fleet use
  • Get inexpensive tracking solutions with world-class quality
  • Get discounted insurance premiums when you use Matrix tracking products.
  • You can call the Matrix control room any time of day or night with 24/7 access
  • Get access to WhatsApp support from Matrix with your tracking plan
  • Choose to add the Beame vehicle recovery service to your plan for a low fee
  • You can get an emergency response panic alert mobile app and other personal safety features
  • Matrix offers additional services that you can choose to add to your plan
  • Access live location-based tracking on the Matrix mobile app if you choose the comprehensive tracking service

People Choose Matrix Trackers

Why Do People Choose Matrix Trackers?

Their products have insurance approval, which means most insurers will reduce your premiums if you install one. Their devices typically have a 3-year battery life and can detect and respond to battery tamper. Their GeoLoc advanced alert service allows you to set up custom alerts based on locations or activities such as harsh braking.

With these alerts, you can set up driver no-go zones and get alerts, for example, or get an alert if a theft or accident occurs. You can also benefit from being able to see the exact location of your tracked car on their tracking app. They have a wide range of options available to suit your pocket and needs.

As one of South Africa’s first and best tracking companies, they have years of experience and the latest technology to enhance your tracking service.

Who Can Benefit from using a Comprehensive Tracking Plan from Matrix?

Matrix Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers a range of solutions for the needs of different industries. Their GPS vehicle tracking systems are most widely used in the logistics industry, but Matrix can also provide location services for asset tracking, cargo tracking, and delivery management, as well as fleet management solutions.

Where to Get a Matrix Car Tracker Quote

It is a great idea to compare offers before you choose your vehicle tracking services. We can help you get quotes for tracker products from reputable companies. To start, you can simply fill in the form on this page. Our system will then match your needs with a reputable company, and that company will then contact you with a free quote.

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