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Car Insurance


* Your details will be sent to one of the brands that we have partnered with, as can be seen on this page.

OUTsurance Insurance

OUTsurance launched in 1998, driven by the concept of always giving something back to their clients. By means of their OUTbonus benefits, this direct short-term insurer guarantees clients that have not claimed get something back in the way of an OUTbonus reimbursement, even if it is only a percentage of their premiums after three years.

Although OUTsurance started out by offering car and home insurance alone, it has since grown to offer life and business insurance products. OUTsurance boasts cheaper premiums by cutting out the broker fee (the middleman), and by underwriting policies according to everyone’s risk profile. OUTsurance also guarantees fixed premiums for 12 months at a time.

Outsurance Products

  • Car Insurance
  • Home & Contents Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Other Insurance Products

  • Bicycle Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Essential Insurance

OUTsurance Car Insurance

OUTsurance car insurance products offer their clients far more than just car insurance. Along with the standard products, OUTsurance Car Insurance also offers a range of benefits such as a fixed excess, 12-month guaranteed premiums, fast claims settlements, and a cash OUTbonus of 10% of your paid premiums after three years of not claiming. OUTsurance also offers cover for hail damage as a standard (which, as South Africans, we need), and free [email protected] roadside emergency assistance 24/7 no matter what roadside emergency arises.

OUTsurance Home & Contents Insurance

OUTsurance gives you home insurance cover with extra benefits –  such as 10% of your premiums back after three claim-free years. OUTsurance offers buildings cover and home contents insurance, plus numerous free bonus benefits so that you get the most out of your OUTsurance Home and Contents insurance. The [email protected] offers female clients extra benefits such as more security after a break-in and even spa treatments after valid claims for a small additional fee.

OUTsurance Life Insurance Cover

OUTsurance has been providing life cover directly to the South African public since 2008. OUTsurance Life Cover will pay out a lump sum if the policyholder dies, is permanently disabled, or is diagnosed with a terminal illness. If the insured does not claim on the long-term policy after five years, 10% of the premiums will be paid back in cash.

  • OUTsurance Life Cover offers Comprehensive Death Cover and Accidental Death Cover Funeral benefit
  • Build your very own OUTsurance Funeral Cover with no forms and no medicals – plus you get a payment holiday option
  • The OUTsurance Critical Illness Cover is a standard insurance policy with a wide range of extra benefits. One of the extra benefits is that on the selection of the Life OUTbonus option you get all your premiums back in cash after 15 claim-free years. Your premium is based on your individual risk profile – for low-risk clients, you could save even more on your life insurance premiums

OUTsurance Business Insurance

All business insurance portfolios are compiled from several insurance products. While each business faces a unique set of perils associated with that business, some products offered are common across the board, such as business buildings insurance. OUTsurance business insurance policies include insurance for buildings, vehicles, electronic equipment, and stock, while also covering the business’s portable possessions. Enjoy face-to-face interaction with the team of OUTsurance business insurance professionals to fine-tune your business insurance needs and tailor your OUTsurance Business Insurance Plan to suit your business’ needs.

OUTsurance Essential Insurance

For South African consumers who consider the OUTsurance comprehensive insurance offering as being too high, OUTsurance is more than happy to offer you a low-cost, cheaper insurance solution in the form of Essential insurance.

OUTsurance has changed the face of insurance by always giving back to its clients by means of their OUTbonus offerings for claim-free years. This affordable, user-friendly cover has a little something for everyone.

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