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Only Indie gives you world-class cover plus an investment that creates long-term wealth for you.

IndieFin Life Insurance

IndieFin Life has built a range of Life Insurance products from the ground up to protect you and reward you. Indie gives their clients investments with life insurance policies at no extra cost.


  • Indie Shield
  • Indie Funeral
  • Indie Finale
  • Indie Overcome
  • Indie Preserve
  • Indie Restart
  • Indie Assist

Indie Shield

  • This is life insurance created to shield dependants from debts by paying out a single lump sum when you die
  • With this option, Indie pays out if you are diagnosed with a medical condition and are not expected to live for more than a year
  • You do not pay taxes on the pay-out to your beneficiaries on your death
  • If you have not specified a beneficiary, Indie Shield pays the claim into your estate so that the executor of the estate can use the claim payment to settle any outstanding debts
  • Premiums could change if there are any feature adjustments on their products
  • You can skip a premium monthly payment – if this happens, your cover is reduced temporarily until six consecutive premiums have been paid
  • This option includes a free investment which all Indie policies include

Indie Funeral

  • Indie Funeral cover doubles after two years – at no extra charge
  • Payment is fast (usually between 4 and 48 hours)
  • This plan can cover over 20 family members
  • Premiums are flexible
  • Up to 100% of your premium is matched up in an investment account (this is great for boosting your retirement)

Indie Finale

  • Indie Finale is Life Cover + Quick Pay-out for when your family most needs it
  • There is also a free built-in Wealth Bonus included in your Indie Finale policy
  • Premiums are flexible

Indie Overcome

  • Individuals that get serious cancer or other life-threatening conditions can expect a tax-free pay-out
  • For certain aggressive cancers, there will be a 150% pay-out to the policyholder
  • This plan also includes a free built-in Wealth-Bonus
  • Cover is instantaneous

Indie Preserve

  • Indie Preserve is an income protection plan
  • If you can’t work as a result of becoming disabled, IndieFin will pay out a monthly income until you turn 70 or if you recover, if your disablement is temporary
  • Payments increase annually to align with inflation costs
  • Cover is immediate
  • There is a free built-in Wealth Bonus benefit included

Indie Restart

  • Indie Restart is a disability plan
  • IndieFin pays out a single lump sum if the insured becomes disabled
  • This option includes a free built-in Wealth-Bonus benefit
  • Premiums are flexible
  • Cover is immediate

Indie Assist

  • Indie Assist is a Death Income Protection plan – when you die your dependants will be paid an income every month
  • The income grows every year with inflation
  • There is a free built-in Wealth Bonus benefit included
  • Premiums are flexible

IndieFin Life plans will invest in you when you insure your life with one of their plans. Indie will match up to 100% of your life insurance premium and invest it for you at no extra cost. In other words, every premium that you pay will help you create wealth for your future.

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