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Cell Phone Insurance

Play it safe and get cell phone insurance

Play It Safe and Get Cell phone Insurance

Smart technology offers numerous benefits and has become increasingly popular, therefore it should come as no surprise that insurance houses are experiencing a marked increase in claims. Play it safe and get cell phone insurance; a small price to pay to cover all eventualities.

What you need to know aboutCell Phone Insurance?

There are definite steps on how best to get cell phone insurance:

For most tablets a standard household policy will usually cover against damage and theft – but because tablets and cell phones are mobile devices and are usually away from the home when theft or damage takes place, you will need an all-risks policy or section in your policy to cover your cell phones and other mobile devices.

It is important to check whether your device is covered under your unspecified all-risk insurance – in most instances these will require specification and items such as cell phones, GPS devices and laptops will need to be specified.

These will fall under specified cover:

  • Always bear in mind that specified items need to be insured for their replacement value.
  • Insurers will replace your device with either a new one or pay out the full replacement value should you need to claim.
  • Your broker will ask for the receipt to verify the amount you paid for the phone and also for the serial number.
  • It is advisable to keep copies of all the relevant receipts.
  • If lost or stolen your cell phone will be replaced with the same or close to the product that got lost.
  • Bought your phone overseas? This is where you need to inform your insurance broker.

It is important to check your policy for exclusions and requirements – remember that most cell phone insurance policies don’t cover software and data recovery.

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