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Find out everything you need to know about PMD in South Africa and compare their coverage options before you purchase a policy.

Who is Prime Meridian Direct?

Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) is an insurance company that is committed to providing fair and reliable assurance to motorists in South Africa. Santam Structured Insurance Limited underwrites Prime Meridian Direct Insurance. Although they originally only offered total loss motor insurance, the company has since expanded its range to include other personal car insurance products.

PMD believes that all South Africans deserve affordable insurance products. This has inspired Prime Meridian’s team to give their customers the most excellent service possible. They are known for offering fixed premiums and excesses that reduce to zero.

The insurance product range from PMD was expanded in 2013 to include their innovative Covergrow solution. This product brought a fresh form of cover to South Africans to give more people access to cover.

How Does PMD Covergrow Work?

Covergrow allows motorists to cover smaller accidents on a growing scale that culminates at 100% of the vehicle’s market value. The benefit builds up over time, so the longer there is no claim, the more cover is available for small accidental incidents. This option forms part of the PMD third-party only cover. As most third-party only plans don’t include any cover for the insured’s own car, this is a great value add for motorists on a budget.

How Does Their Car Insurance Work?

PMD Car Insurance can help make your life easier by covering financial risks related to your car. If you are worried about having to cover the financial cost of damaging or losing your car, PMD car cover may be the solution. There are three Prime Meridian Direct plans available to purchase with relatively affordable premiums.

The Prime Meridian Direct Third-Party Plus plan is the most affordable and basic option available. The Prime Meridian Direct Customised plan was designed to be customisable to best meet your needs and budget. For the most comprehensive cover, choose the Prime Meridian Direct Comprehensive vehicle insurance policy.

What Does PMD Car Insurance Cover?

Each plan offered by PMD covers predetermined insured events documented in the policy. With comprehensive car insurance, you can get cover for events like car theft, hail damage, accidents, or third-party liability claims. Individuals can get cover from Prime Meridian Direct for their car from the age of 19.

With their insurance products, your premiums will be fixed** & you can enjoy a basic excess that reduces to zero*!

Is PMD a Good Insurance?

Whether you will be satisfied with Prime Meridian Insurance depends on your expectations and needs. Some customers value a prompt response time or easy claims process, while others value excellent customer service or cheap car insurance. It’s best not to choose your insurer based on the monthly premium alone.

You can consider their reputation for paying out claims and their standing in the insurance industry. Their customer service ratings can tell you a lot about what to expect from them. Before choosing PMD, find out the details about what their plans cover and what is excluded from their cover. You can also look at how much cover you get.

Many Prime Meridian Direct customers and African motorists have praised them for outstanding service and great response times. Their efficient service can be yours by getting a PMD car insurance quote. If you need to make an accident claim, an exceptional customer experience and a fast claim pay-out will make it all worthwhile.

Comprehensive motor insurance from PMD covers you so an accident doesn’t ruin you financially. With cover from Prime Meridian Direct, you can pay for repairs to your car, legal costs if the other person claims against you, and more.

Are PMD Car Insurance Quotes Free?

Yes, car insurance quotes from for PMD are free. You can get a competitive quote today by filling in a simple online form that offers results fast.


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