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Prime Meridian Insurance

Prime Meridian Insurance boasts keeping up with the times by offering their clients an APP that is easy to use and easily-accessible for immediate help.

Plus, plus, plus – enjoy FIXED car and life insurance premiums for life. Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) believes that all South Africans should have opportunities to enjoy life, and by doing so have come up with innovative car and life cover products.

Insurance products that are offered by Prime Meridian Direct include:

Prime Meridian Pinnacle plan

  • Enjoy cover for the total loss of your vehicle as a result of an accident, the total loss of your car as a result of fire, hijacking and disaster.
  • Additionally, insured individuals will enjoy 3rd party vehicle liability protection of up to R1 million for each eventuality.
  • What’s nice to know is that there is no pre-inspection of your vehicle (but beware of non-disclosure for future claims), and drivers of 19 years upwards are covered.
  • Cars that are old – up to 15 years – can also get cover under this plan.
  • There is a guaranteed minimum amount of cover (as stipulated and selected) and cover for smaller accidents on a growing benefit basis.
  • Individuals can enjoy hail damage of up to R20 000 as well.

Extra benefits from Prime Meridian Car Insurance offers you these:

  • Accidental death cover for outstanding debt – terms and conditions apply, though, so read through your policy schedule carefully.
  • There is a 24/7 roadside assistance as well as storage and towing of your vehicle.
  • There is also credit shortfall protection to cover you for outstanding debt – here terms and conditions will apply.
  • Enjoy dent and scratch protection and windscreen replacement too.
  • Other plans, options and services from Prime Meridian insurance include the Prime MotorThrift Plan, the Prime MotorCoverGrow and the PrimeMotorAssist.

Prime Meridian Life Insurance products:

Prime Living Legacy Plan:

  • Prime Living Legacy Plan is a fully comprehensive insurance plan that will cater to the needs and security of your dependents.
  • The Prime Legacy Plan payments are guaranteed for the first 36 months of inception of the policy.
  • Premiums are increased by 10% thereafter on an annual basis to protect against inflation.
  • Some of the benefits include tax-free cash benefits of up to R270 000.
  • Immediate death cover through accident or illness.
  • There is an extra option of including extra family members and up to 4 children – at an additional cost.
  • Debt cover.
  • There are no compulsory medical examinations.

Prime Meridian Hospital Plan:

  • The Prime Meridian Hospital Plan provides cover for loss of income.
  • This cover extends to include personal accident, illness or accidental disability benefits.
  • The Prime Meridian Life Insurance hospital cover pays up to R4000 per day up to a maximum of R120 000 per month.

What makes Prime Meridian so special?

Prime Meridian Direct insurance options stand out in a crowd because your premiums will not change – ever – and there is no excess when claiming – both are benefits everyone can enjoy.

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