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Prime Meridian Direct Insurance

Prime Meridian Direct Insurance offers a wide range of affordable products for individuals from all walks of life, including car insurance, a hospital plan and also life insurance.

The Prime Meridian Living Legacy plan will take care of those nearest and dearest to you once you, as breadwinner, are no longer in a position to do so – this could be either through being disabled or if you unable to continue working as a result of dread disease, or should you die.

What you can expect when covered The Prime Meridian Living Legacy plan:

  • Did you know that for as little as R2.00 a day you can get cover for your loved ones?
  • There are no restrictions regarding how the payouts are to be used – the payout can be utilised to cover the cost of a funeral or expenses such as settling outstanding debts, paying school fees or any other essentials.
  • There is immediate cover regardless of cause of death.

Why would you choose Prime Meridian Direct Insurance?

  • No unpleasant medical checkups as well as no lastingly excluded sicknesses.
  • Four children and a partner can be added – at no extra fees.
  • For terminal sickness 75% of the plan will be paid out right away.

Further added extras:

  • Claims are paid out within a 48 hour period and there is an automatic inflation protection cover every year.

There is more……

  • Protection against losing your job or becoming retrenched.
  • Once unemployed your premiums will be paid for up to six months if you take out the Retrenchment Protection option.
  • Extended Family Protection, on the other hand, will cover those individuals that fall under the umbrella of extended family – this amount could be for an amount of up to R30 000.
  • Tombstones cost a small fortune – nice to know is that the Honourable Unveiling Benefit will pay out for a tombstone.
  • Many discover cash flow has stopped and bank accounts are frozen when someone dies – Grocery Benefits will ensure you and your family are not left without food for the immediate time period – a nice touch when many pop in to pay their respects.

Prime Meridian Direct Insurance offers affordable plans for those that need life, car or hospital cover. Simply fill out a quick online form to get a quote today.

* Prime Meridian formerly known as Carprehensive

What some of

our clients say

  • We found the perfect cover through with next to no work required on our behalf - various insurance quotes came directly to us!

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