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Absa insurance is carte blanche

Famous for Carte Blanche consumer watch and insurance, Absa idirect provides personal insurance cover direct to the public. Although one of the big four banks, Absa insurance provides cover to more than just their banking clients. The range of policies in their portfolio include car, property, household contents, portable possessions and watercraft insurance. The bank also provides personal accident and liability cover.

They also offer a fixed, flat excess which guarantees that interest won’t push up the amount of your deductible. If insureds don’t claim in three years, Absa insurance will give them back a percentage of your premiums back to you in cash as a bonus.

Absa idirect car insurance

From comprehensive to third party, Absa insurance caters for all insureds, as well as all type of vehicles, from hatchbacks to executive cars. Included in Absa’s car insurance policy is a 24/7 roadside and medical assist.

Absa idirect property insurance

With Absa insurance property cover, the structure and fixtures of your home are protected from natural disaster, including subsidence and landslide, damage resulting from a burst geyser and other risks associated with properties. When insuring your home or other building, make sure to cover it for the cost to rebuild and not market value. This should include rubble removal. But remember, just because they finance your home, doesn’t mean you have to insure through them.

Absa idirect household contents and portable possessions insurance

For those movable possessions within in the home, a household contents insurance is necessary. This includes furniture, clothing, appliances and electrical equipment and other goods you wish to cover. Your insurer may require you to specify each item you wish to insure on a list, detailing the cost of each for its replacement value. For high cost items, such as art, you will have to give your insurer specifics.

Movable items that are taken out of the home, such as jewelry, camera and sporting equipment, will have to be insured under Absa insurance portable possessions policy. The higher risks associated with such items require them to have a specialist policy.

Among the other types of personal lines insurance, Absa insurance offers personal accident and liability insurance to financially protect your family should the policyholder die, become injured, or temporary or permanently disabled.

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Absa Home Insurance Has Been Created For Perfect Peace of Mind

You’ve bought your dream home and are the now proud owner of one of perhaps the biggest assets you will ever own – but there is so much more to owning a home than paying for it every month – we refer to none other thanAbsa Home Insurance cover – a vital ingredient and part of owning a property.

Perhaps you own more than one home; if you have an investment and have a buy-to-let property as well as a holiday home over and above the home you are presently living in, insurance will play a vital role when it comes down to responsible home ownership.

Unexpected things do happen in one’s life. Things sometime do not go the way you planned and permanent fittings and the basic structure needs to be covered by insurance for all eventualities. Absa understands exactly how you feel about your pride and joy and want to make sure it stays as such.

Perhaps fire, flood and natural disasters are far from your mind when you buy your property – but the reality is that weather patterns across the globe are fast changing and with it the eventuality of more severe storms and conditions – and in most instances most of us do not have the ready cash to take care of those unforeseen disasters.

Your building and homeowner’s insurance will cover you when you experience:

  • Acts of nature such as lightning, storms and hail.
  • Malicious damage.
  • If your geyser bursts and the overflow causes damage to carpets, floors, ceilings, walls and cupboards.
  • If you plan on having an Absa home loan any time soon or you already have one, you will require comprehensive homeowner’s insurance on your property.

If you are looking for affordable comprehensive cover that will offer you insurance at economical rates offering you peace of mind and 24 hour emergency assistance when claiming – Absa Home Insurance will then be your automatic go-to insurance cover option.

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