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Buildings Insurance

Ensure your buildings, whether business or other


Contents insurance will cover the items you own and things that are not fixed, whereas buildings insurance differs from this type of cover as it will offer cover for the actual bricks and mortar of your business buildings or your home.

Buildings insurance will cover a whole host of eventualities such as your geyser (check with your provider), the roof of your home or office, built-in cupboards as well as items in your bathroom including your shower door, amongst others.

The outbuildings of your home or office are also taken care of under the umbrella of your buildings insurance service provider – these include your servants’ quarters, outbuildings such as sheds, carport, garage and gazebos.

To avoid disappointment, it is wise to check with your buildings insurance service provider to find out exactly what is and what is not covered should you suffer a loss of any description.

These could range from lightning damage to damage caused by power outages to your property.

Purchasing bricks and mortar could prove to be one of your biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime – but it will come with certain criteria and great responsibility.

Discover whether you arecovered for:

  • Damage of any description to your home or office structures that are caused by vehicles or falling trees (it is, after all, the season of storms where the falling of trees and severe weather patterns become a common occurrence); you need to know whether you are covered against damage caused by animals, too.
  • You need to discover whether you are covered against fire, lightning, explosions, earth tremors and earthquakes.
  • Does your building insurance cover against damage caused by burst water pipes – you need to know exactly what is and what is not covered.
  • Does your insurance service provider offer you compensation for malicious or intentional damage?
  • Furthermore, you need to know if your building is protected against eventualities such as subsidence of land and landslips.
  • Ensure you are covered against break-ins and theft should the structure of your building suffer damage during break-ins.
  • Your building insurance cover needs to cover aircraft damage or objects falling on the structure and causing damage.

Take out sufficient buildings insurance to ensure your buildings, whether business or other, are.

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