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Asset Insurance

Ensure you are paid out for any losses

Update Your Asset Register For Asset Insurance

Keeping your asset register up to date and bringing it up to date at least every six months will ensure you are paid out for any losses incurred at the correct replacement value.

Most insurance service providers will not insure your business unless you produce an up-to-speed asset register, and if you find the task too onerous, there are specialists that are able to assist in offering a service that will assist in documenting the assets of your business correctly and accurately.

Everything from the furniture to the digital equipment, vehicles and fleet need to be recorded in the asset register.

Why do I needAsset Insurance?

The assets of any business will naturally change from time to time as and when there are upgrades in mobile devices, computer and printing equipment, when vehicles are traded in for newer ones, and when more vehicles and cars are acquired, etc. This is where keeping an accurate asset register plays a vital role, and informing your insurance service provider of these changes is also vital, particularly when it comes to claiming. This is usually a prerequisite for most insurance service providers, though.

Assets are the lifeblood of any organisation, whether large or small, therefore ensuring you have sufficient asset insurance at the replacement value of your assets cannot be stressed enough.

Many businesses update their asset register once a year but updating the asset register every six months is advisable.

For individuals, the most common asset insurance will include their cars and homes, and any other valuable items such as boats and planes, as well as household goods.

Should you experience any losses through theft or damage, asset insurance will prove to be invaluable.

Movable items such as laptops, etc, need to be specified when taking out asset insurance.

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