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Ctrack Vehicle Tracking in South Africa

Who is Ctrack SA?

Ctrack Tracking Company is a leading provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management software solutions. Their wide range of products offers advanced GPS-based tracking, real-time data, and seamless integration with other leading business applications to provide a complete solution for managing vehicle fleets.

Their products are also ideal for individual applications. They offer both vehicle tracker plans and fleet management solutions, although they specialise in customised fleet solutions and vehicle telematics solutions. Whether you want a basic vehicle tracking system or an advanced tracking product, this telematics provider has an option for you.

Who owns Ctrack Tracking Company?

Ctrack was owned by Inseego, but its South African branch has since been sold to an investment corporation named Convergence Partners, which was started by Andile Ngcaba. The sale was completed in August 2021, and the current managing director of Ctrack SA is Hein Jordt.

What is the Difference Between a Vehicle Tracker and a Fleet Management System?

A vehicle tracker is a GPS which is installed in a vehicle to monitor its location, speed, direction, and other parameters. Although trackers can be used by parents to monitor the whereabouts of their children or by employers for tracking their employees, many tracking companies in South Africa offer solutions for your car.

The tracker can then be used to locate your vehicle, to deter theft, or to recover a vehicle if it gets stolen. Often, when you buy a tracking solution, you’re getting more than just the device. Each tracking company offers differing benefits, but a common one would be vehicle recovery services.

Fleet management systems are more of an enterprise-level solution for managing multiple vehicles and drivers on the road. They can be used for dispatching vehicles, monitoring drivers, tracking vehicle performance, and monitoring fuel usage.

A fleet management system provides more advanced features than a vehicle tracker, as it helps in managing multiple drivers and vehicles on the road. Fleet managers and owners enjoy using fleet tracking solutions because they can improve productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Using a Ctrack Vehicle Tracking Solution

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using a Ctrack Vehicle Tracking Solution?

Ctrack’s vehicle tracking solutions provide individuals and enterprises with an accurate, real-time location of their vehicles. This helps companies save money and resources by reducing fuel consumption and idle time, which in turn reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Individuals who use Ctrack trackers can often enjoy reduced monthly insurance premium costs as well as greater peace of mind knowing their vehicle can be recovered if stolen. Ctrack can also offer logbooks and other smart tools through their mobile application.

This solution provides the customer with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to view all the information they need from a single screen without having to navigate through multiple screens or different platforms.

How Can Ctrack Help Me with My Fleet Management Needs?

Ctrack provides business owners all the tools they need to manage their fleet. This includes features such as driver tracking, fuel and mileage logs, dispatch management, and much more. With these tools you can, for example, track and improve on driving behaviour, reduce accidents, and find the most efficient routes for your vehicles to reach their destination.

Different Types of Ctrack Solutions

What Are the Different Types of Ctrack Solutions on Offer?

There are a few types of Ctrack solutions on offer. They all have different features and functionalities, which is why it is important to compare your options. Their solutions for commercial vehicles include tools for driver management, managing AARTO, on-the-road solutions, and more.

You can choose to track mobile assets and fixed plants or even yellow equipment with their solutions. With their powerful fleet telematics, dash cameras, and customisable solutions, the fleet manager can make informed decisions to improve the fleet’s performance. You can reduce the cost of fuel expenses, safeguard your drivers, and reduce the accidental incidents per annum.

They offer customised plans for transport and logistics companies, government and local authorities, and the mining industry. Airports and agricultural businesses can also enjoy customised solutions from Ctrack, and they even offer a consumer tracking plan for individual car owners.

Aside from fuel management, Ctrack offers innovative iris dash cams and other camera solutions. Most of their plans include value-added services such as a logbook and panic remote. The result is savings for businesses and a wealth of fleet analytics at your fingertips.

How Much does a Ctrack Car Tracker Cost?

The cost of a Ctrack tracking unit depends on the model and plan you choose and how your solution is customised. The cheapest device is the Ctrack-C1, but it only gives you basic features like location and speed. The most expensive one is the Ctrack-X3. It has all the features of the cheaper models and some additional ones, such as fuel level, engine temperature, and more.

When you buy a Ctrack SA device, you’re offering buying more than just the device. And since Ctrack has so many amazing solutions on offer, there is a lot more to enjoy than a mere tracking device.

You can get a quote for Ctrack Vehicle Tracking today by filling in the form on this page. This service is free and free of obligation. You’re just getting a free quote from a reputable South African vehicle tracking company with no strings attached.

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